Industry NewsOn March 26, Sophie Keller wrote in a blog published on about one surprising reason why the front door of a home is important: according to feng shui, the home's front door is also its mouth. This means it is where food and nourishment pass to enter your home.

In fact, most feng shui experts determine the location of the home's front door first and foremost. They say it is ideal that your front door face the street so that the energy and opportunities from the street can easily enter the house. Homeowners whose main doors don't open to a road are recommended to string along lights and plants from the street to their doors in San Antonio in order to direct the energy to it.

Feng shui experts are not the only ones who believe front doors are important. Other home experts believe that your front door plays a valuable role in improving your home's attractiveness and increasing its overall value. As such, it is best to showcase the entryway in the best way possible.

People who are planning to sell their home should particularly try painting their front door to increase its value. If your front door is painted in an attractive dark shade, buyers will have a distinct and very nice first impression of your home. The main doorway is the first thing that buyers see. Thus, if they do not like it, then they why would they waste their time viewing the entire home?

A properly installed front door will also ensure that your property is secure, whether you are indoors or out of the house. Also, it is your escape route if accidents and emergencies such as fires occur. Because of these important functions, it is necessary that you choose only the best company to install your door.

In the book The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, he discusses the little things that can make a big difference. Most often, when someone makes an improvement to their home's exterior, his neighbors would be inspired to enhance theirs too. Imagine: you can actually help start beautifying your neighborhood by enhancing your front doors. Start doing so now, with help from a San Antonio doors expert like Southwest Exteriors.