2014 has come, and with it a list of things you might want to do around your home. For one, if your windows have seen better days and no longer serve their purpose, you could consider getting replacement windows from San Antonio businesses like Southwest Exteriors. On the other hand, if all your windows need are a little touching up, you could follow some of Lisa Frederick's window treatment ideas as written in an article for DIYNetwork.com:
"Repurpose Sheets and Tablecloths

Savvy style makers have been in on this trick for years: using flat sheets and large tablecloths to stand in for traditional curtains. Simply hang them from rods with ring clips, or if you’re ambitious, stitch on fabric or ribbon ties. You could even use a colorful fabric shower curtain. Not only is this approach to window dressing ultra-affordable, but it also opens up a whole new universe of color and pattern options.

Apply a Window Film

Decorative window films, which are usually made of a clingy, flexible substance such as vinyl, are hot, and they’re a great middle ground between maintaining privacy and letting in natural light. You can buy them in clear or colored versions, and the range of patterns on the market — from delicate florals to mod geometrics — is too diverse to catalogue."

You can buy window films in rolls or sheets that can then be installed on your window panes. Frederick also encourages homeowners to go for cellular blinds, also known as 'honeycomb shades'. This particular type of blind isn't just eco-friendly; it aids in sound absorption and insulation too, thus granting you peace of mind from better sleep and lower energy bills.

San Antonio Windows Treatments That Homeowners Can Try for Themselves

If cellular blinds aren't your thing, you could try classic Roman shades instead for their simplicity and ability to inspire comfort and relaxation. That said, they are also versatile in that (dependent on style) they can project feelings of both softness and toughness. On the downside, Roman shades may present some hazard to children and pets, so vigilance will be a must.

Lastly, Fredrick encourages the use of fancy fabrics such as silk for that extra touch of elegance. Be advised, however, that silk curtains need to be cleaned frequently and may sustain discoloration from constant exposure to the sun. On the plus side, they usher warm feelings of homeliness in any room they're used in.

Ready to give your windows a new look? Go for these San Antonio windows treatments and welcome 2014 in style.

(Article Excerpt and Image from 7 Window Treatment Trends and Styles, DIYNetwork.com, undated)