Doors protect your home from intruders and different elements. They also enhance your exterior’s appearance, which can increase your home value. Your door is an essential part of your home that needs to be in good shape all the time to ensure your home’s security. Many San Antonio doors experts would say that maintenance is the key to high-performing doors. However, not all doors are the same. There are different factors that can influence its life span, performance, quality, and overall condition. Here are three of them:


Many doors are designed to last and are specifically manufactured for security. But it’s also possible to have really old doors that are no longer fit to be used, despite being in one piece. Sure, you probably did your part in terms of maintenance, but if your doors are at least two decades old, you can’t expect them to perform like they used to. Like weather, age is a natural influence that you have no control over. When your door reaches the peak of its health, you might want to start saving up for a replacement.


Another important factor that affects the performance of your door is quality. Since you only get door replacements once in a while, make sure you choose the best kind. Otherwise, compromised quality will result in compromised performance. Having been in service since 1989, we at Southwest Exteriors are aware of the needs of the San Antonio neighborhood.


Finally, it’s important to hire the services of a reliable door expert. A quality door combined with proper installation is a powerhouse blend. So don’t go for subpar workers, or else you might be doing your home more harm than good. Here at Southwest Exteriors, we install doors that are energy-efficient, durable, and visually appealing. A beautifully installed door is a good investment that can give back numerous benefits, including increased energy savings and home performance.

Age, quality, and installation are only three of the many things that influence the performance of your doors. We highly recommend consulting your professional contractor, like us here at Southwest Exteriors, if you need more information about your doors in San Antonio. We make it our goal to help more property owners achieve the best look of their homes. Just call us today at (210) 757-7224, and we will be ready to assist you.