Pros and Cons (Protection Vs Style)

In Part I, we discussed the basic types of metal doors and door frames, as well as the properties of each type. However, aside from learning about those, you may also need to create the perfect balance between the ability of the door to provide protection and its aesthetic properties, to get the best product for your home or place of business.

Let’s face it, even though there have been significant improvements in metal doors over the years, they will never be as elegant as wooden doors. Unfortunately, wooden doors simply cannot provide the same level of protection as metal doors.

To help you decide whether you need to focus on protection or on style, let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of metal doors according to use.

Pros of Metal Doors

The following are the common advantages of metal doors:

  • Toughness – If a common thief sees a metal door, he or she would likely not waste any time trying to break it down. Not all homes have metal doors, so the thief would simply look for another home with less security – and you would narrowly have escaped possible home invasion.
  • Does not swell or deform – Unlike wood, metal is not prone to swelling or deformation caused by heat and humidity.
  • Has a longer service life – Metal doors may not last forever, but they do have a service life that’s longer than wood and other types of doors.

The Cons of Metal Doors

  • Lacks appeal – Metal doors may be tough, but they certainly lack appeal. It can be difficult to find a metal door that can instantly complement the design of a home.
  • Prone to manufacturing defects – The toughness of a metal door relies heavily on the quality of welding. Poor welding significantly diminishes its integrity.
  • Poor Insulation – Even though some metal doors have cores with insulation properties, it may not be enough for extreme weather conditions.

If you’re more focused on protection, then a metal door would be the perfect choice. However, if your decision weighs more heavily on style, they may not be able to provide the elegance you require.

Metal doors may not look stylish, but there is a way to improve their appearance. If you really want the protection that metal doors offer, then you should tune in for Part III where we give you some tips that can help make a metal door more appealing.