Your probably already know that choosing the right entry door color is almost as important as the unit itself. After all, your the best entry doors don't  just keep your home safe, comfortable, and efficient. They also make a big impression from the curb.

get the best entry doors with southwest exteriors

If you’re planning to get a new entry unit for your home, be sure to select one with the right color. Southwest Exteriors, your provider of high-quality exterior doors in San Antonio, shares some handy tips.

  1. Be inspired by the neighboring homes’ entry doors. Before spending hours looking at color swatches, take a drive around your neighborhood and survey other homes. Note which entry door colors are prominent in the community. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should pick the exact same color. Rather, let it give you an idea of which hues from the color wheel you should consider. You’ll want your entry door color to stand out while still adhering to guidelines on color options that your community may maintain.
  2. Look to your home’s architectural style as a guide. You don’t want an entry door color that clashes with your home’s distinctive look. Play it safe by choosing a hue that’s traditionally associated with a specific home style. For instance, Colonial homes usually come with darker shades of gray, green, or blue for their doors. Ranch-style homes, on the other hand, typically go for warm, earthy browns, letting these exterior doors in San Antonio connect with the surrounding landscape. Meanwhile, Spanish Mission homes have vibrant reds, oranges, and browns, allowing for a livelier feel.
  3. Consider using darker or lighter shades. If you want don’t want to play it safe with your options, go for a lighter or darker entry door color. They are more eye-catching than neutral tones, enhancing your home’s look easily. Some of the possible choices in this category include red, eggplant, tangerine, sky-blue, or even black.

When in need of the best entry doors San Antonio has to offer, turn to Southwest Exteriors. We only carry entry doors from ProVia® that come in an extensive selection of colors. Through custom paint and stain finishes, matching your new door unit with your home is worry-free. Call us today at (210) 757-4224 or fill out this form to get a free consultation.