French doors are both beautiful and practical. They allow plenty of sunlight and natural views while keeping bugs, hot weather, and unwanted visitors outside where they belong. Here are four great ways French doors can enrich your life and improve your home:
  • Use them in place of solid doors to soften the transition between the interior and the exterior of your home. Going from an air-conditioned environment with subdued lighting to the outside world can be jarring, to say the least. French doors reduce this unpleasant effect, making your life more enjoyable.
  • Use open French doors as a decorative way to turn one room into two or even three. This is a great way to create a cozy reading nook, home office, or other special-purpose area for an affordable price.
  • Use open French doors to fill in an open archway. This can help you to save money on utility costs by creating "comfort zones" inside your house, reducing the costs of heating and cooling.
  • Use French doors as your primary entryway to a back deck or porch. This can make moving larger items like picnic tables and barbecue grills in and out of your home easier.
3 Reasons to Replace Old French Doors
  1. Today's French doors are better built than those made in the past. They can give you more years of trouble-free service than you might otherwise enjoy.
  2. Adding new French doors can enable you to add opaque, insulated, or tinted glass to enhance your privacy or reduce your heating and cooling costs.
  3. Having new French doors in your home can transform its atmosphere and its appearance for far less than the cost of buying a different house. Plus, you can choose from a wide range of colors and styles to match your exact tastes.
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