Picking your front door is not a decision to take lightly. After all, it’s what will protect your home, loved ones and belongings, and it plays a huge role in how your property looks—and how much it will sell for later on down the line.

So how do you make sure you choose the best entry doors for your house? What should you consider while browsing your options? Here are a few tips from our pros:

Consider curb appeal.

If you want your home to look great - and make a return on your investment when you sell in a few years - then you’ll need to consider the curb appeal of your door significantly. Are there decorative elements, updated glass options or elegant colors you can choose from to make your home pop?

Think security.

First and foremost, your front door exists to protect you, your family and your belongings, so make sure it’s equipped to do that well. Consider the strength of the material your door is built out of (steel and fiberglass are strongest), and think about adding on upgraded locks, latches and privacy glass for more safety. You can even install a storm door as an extra layer of security.

Consider durability.

Texas has a harsh climate—and a humid one, too. Though many entry doors are made of wood, that wood can easily rot and weaken in our highly moist environment. If you don’t want to end up replacing yours just a year or two down the line, consider materials that are more durable.

Ask a pro.

If you wanted a great recipe for pasta sauce, you’d go to an Italian chef, right? The same idea should go for choosing a door. Want to know which door to choose? Ask a door professional. Give them a quick run-down of your needs, budget and preferences are, and have them point you toward options that can meet your demands.

Use trusted brands.

As the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for.” Choosing a bargain-basement priced door will likely mean less-than-stellar quality. Want a door that stands the test of time? Choose brands that are well-known, have history and are trusted by the pros.

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