If it’s been a while since you’ve replaced your windows, or worse yet, they’re the same windows as when you moved in, you might want to consider replacement window installation - and fast, before the weather starts to change. Older windows come with so many problems (not to mention costs!), and those problems can worsen as the fall rains and winter storms start to roll in.

Here are just a few problems you’re old windows could be causing you:

Sky-high energy bills

Older windows more easily let out your A/C and heat, meaning higher electricity costs year-round. (And in Texas, summer energy bills are already high as it is!)

Uncomfortable environment

By the same token, if your windows are letting air out, they’re also not keeping your home comfortable. That equals a hot house in the summertime and a cold house in the winter.

Faded flooring and furniture

As your windows age, the stop effectively blocking out the sun’s UV rays. Not only could these rays impact your skin health, but they can also fade, yellow and discolor your furniture and flooring.

Unwanted noise

Windows should keep the outdoor noise and sounds out, whether it’s neighbors chatting next door or the sounds of lightning during a storm. Older windows simply don’t close as tightly as before, and that means a louder, noisier home on the whole.

Security threats

It’s a scary thought, but older windows are just easier to break into than newer ones. They don’t closely as tightly, the latches don’t work as well, and the frames can be more easily broken and tampered with.

If your windows are outdated, considering window replacement installation before the weather starts to cool. New windows can keep your home warmer, your energy bills lower and your loved ones safer. Contact Southwest Exteriors for a free consultation.