The holiday season is almost here, and the time for entertaining is just around the corner. But before you start trimming the tree or stuffing that turkey, make sure you tend to the bigger picture items first—your entryway, your common rooms and your exterior. These are the big three that will get the most foot traffic during the holiday season—and just like your mantel, they deserve a little sprucing up before the big day rolls around.

Here are our most popular San Antonio home remodeling services that can help get your home holiday-ready:

Entry door updates

Still have the same basic, wood door that was installed when your home was built? Then it’s time for an upgrade. Consider a nicer, more attractive door with decorative glass, upgraded hardware and richer colors. If completely replacing your door isn’t feasible, adding a patio or storm door is an easy, affordable alternative.

HardiePanel siding

Forget repainting your exterior or trying to fix up that old, wood siding. HardiePanel siding can give your home an instant facelift in just one step. It’s fast, affordable and easy to maintain in the long run.

Deck and patio coatings

Plan to entertain on your deck or patio? Embarrassed by the stains, discoloration, fading or just state of disrepair the floor is in? Floor coatings can cover up all that mess, as well as protect your space in down the line. Best of all, they only take one day to install and can be walked on in as little as four hours.

Window replacement

Keep your guests warm and cozy (and your heating bills low) by updating your windows before the colder air blows in. Older windows are notorious for letting out heat, and letting in noise, rain and bugs. If yours are outdated or still your home’s originals, make this priority No. 1.

Want help getting your home holiday ready? Contact Southwest Exteriors today. Our San Antonio home remodeling services can help.