Have you ever thought about how much space a door actually takes up? Take a second and imagine it: When your front, back or bedroom door opens inward, toward your den or living area, how much space does it use? How many feet do you have to keep free and clear so you can open and close the door easily?

In most homes, the amount of space swinging doors take up is pretty astounding. That’s space you can’t decorate, add furniture or utilize with your loved ones and family members.

Fortunately, there’s another alternative than wasting all your handsomely paid-for real estate: French sliding doors. Create More Space with Sliding Doors

French sliding doors are the best of both worlds. They offer a beauty and visual appeal that’s just not possible with traditional swinging doors, while at the same time maximizing your space and freedom. Because French sliding doors move side to side – and not inward and outward – they use up significantly less real estate. This gives you more room to move, play, decorate or whatever else your family desires.

And when you think about it, shouldn’t you get all the use you can out of your space? After all, you did pay for the property. Why pay for square feet you can never use? With French sliding doors, you can actually use your home’s square footage to its fullest.

Tired of Losing Space to Outdated Doors?

If your swinging doors are using up the real estate you bought and paid for with your hard-earned dollars, consider a change. French sliding doors can help you maximize your living space and add aesthetic appeal to boot. Contact Southwest Exteriors, and we’ll help you find a sliding door that fits your space, style and budget best.