The winter season is coming, but is your house ready for the cold weather? Without proper preparation, your home will be uncomfortable and you will most likely experience a spike in energy costs during the winter. Among the parts of your home that significantly influences the condition of your living environment during the winter season are the windows.

However, instead of dreading this cold season, there are actually ways to maintain your windows and keep your home comfortable to live in. In this article, your trusted San Antonio window replacement and window installation company will share some tips to prepare your home for the winter.

Inspect the Windows 

Check the windows visually to spot problems. Don’t ignore windows that you think are in good condition and can withstand the harsh weather conditions. Regardless of whether you have just had a window installation this year or three years ago, inspect it and sort out any problems before they worsen.

Find Window Drafts and Replace Weather Stripping Materials

Drafts can have a dramatic effect on your home’s energy-efficiency, especially during the winter. To find drafts coming in near windows, feel around the area with your hands for cold spots of air or wind. You can also light a match and blow it out, while observing where the smoke travels. If the smoke is pulled into a certain direction, it’s likely that the wind from a draft is responsible.Drafts enter your house through improperly-sealed windowsIf you have newer windows and have noticed drafts coming in, consider replacing your weather stripping materials across the top and sides to seal them properly when closed shut. When looking for window replacement products to replace damaged windows, opt for the energy-efficient models which feature sealants designed to stick to metal through a magnet. Alternatively, you can use a foam type of weatherstripping that compresses and expands. 

Sealing Older Window Products

Modern energy-efficient windows are sealed inside their frames, but older types are held in their place with silicone and acrylic caulking, or glazing putty. In the long run, these types of sealants can crack and window panes become loose. In order to maintain the appearance and functionality of the window replacementsealant must be replaced regularly or when necessary.

If you use acrylic and silicone caulking materials to seal your windows, consider switching to glazing putty for longer-lasting results. While newer weather stripping materials are generally considered superior to both caulking and glazing, glazing is the superior alternative to caulking—especially when well-maintained.

Tighten Any Loose Parts of the Window or Lubricate

If certain parts of the windows such as window hinges are loose, address the problem immediately by tightening them. Aside from tightening the loose fixtures and fittings, you might also need to lubricate parts that are too tight  in order to improve the operability of the window.

Get a Window Replacement for Broken Windows

If upon inspection you notice that your window is broken beyond repair, don’t think twice about getting a San Antonio window replacement. Reputable window installation companies provide a wide range of high quality windows of different styles, design, and material. Whatever you choose, it is highly recommended to opt for energy-efficient options.

Weatherproof Your Windows

Wooden windows should be treated with weather-resistant micro-porous paint in order to keep them protected against the season’s weather conditions. Even though the windows that you buy initially have such weather-resistant paint, it is a great idea to top this up in preparation for the cold months.

If your windows are damaged, cracked, or warped, it is recommended to have a window replacement by a trusted professional. At Southwest Exteriors, we provide the high quality products and professional installation. To learn more about our offerings and to get a no-obligation estimate, call us today or fill out this online form.