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Concrete Coating

Penntek Quartz Vs. Chip Concrete Floor Coatings

March 21st, 2023 | 8 min. read

Penntek Quartz Vs. Chip Concrete Floor Coatings

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So, you’re interested in adding a concrete coating to your flooring and are considering Penntek Industrial Coatings. 

You see, they offer numerous coating types and narrow your top picks down to the quartz and chip system coatings. You want something with personality and a little sparkle but want to make sure you choose the right coating system. 

How do you choose the right coating option for you? What’s the difference between them? Which will be better for me and my project?

These are just a few questions you have, and we’ve got the answers. 

Southwest Exteriors has been a San Antonio remodeling company since 1989, and we offer both quartz and chip system coatings from Penntek for residential and commercial spaces. 

We want to provide you with all the information you need to make a well-informed decision for your project. 

After reading this article, you will know the crucial differences between Penntek’s quartz and chip coating systems and know which is best for you. 


5 Key Differences Between Penntek Quartz And Chip Coating Systems

If you’re debating between Penntek’s quartz and chip coating systems, you want to know how they differ. Understanding their key differences in cost, installation, warranty, and more will help you determine which coating system is right for your project. 

Let’s look at the five major differences between these two coating types. 


1. Cost

Before investing in any project, one of the first things you want to know is how much it will cost. Depending on your goals for your concrete coating project, you must find the right coating that will meet your needs in terms of durability and longevity and also fit within your budget.

The cost of a concrete coating depends on various factors, like the coating type, size of your project, quality of installation, and condition of your concrete.  

A quartz concrete coating is more expensive than a chip coating because it requires more material and labor to install (which we’ll talk about in the installation section of this article). 

2. Installation

The next major difference between Penntek’s quartz and chip coating systems is how they are installed. While they do have their similarities in this category, their differences are crucial to understand. 

Both concrete coatings require a base coat, casting of flakes or quartz, and a top coat to finish it off. Where they differ is the number of top coatings, flake coatings, and cure time. 

  • Quartz coatings require a double quartz application and top coat application, which increases the overall installation time. Both coatings have a 24-hour full cure time, but because quartz coatings are popularly used for commercial applications, it is recommended to wait 2-3 days before moving heavy machinery onto the flooring. 
  • Chip coatings only require a singular chip application and top coat, and they can typically be installed in 8 hours or less, depending on the size of the project. When used residentially, chip coatings can be walked on 6 hours later, and heavier objects, like cars, can be moved 24 hours later. 

To sum that up, quartz coatings will take longer to install and can take longer to cure, depending on the application. The addition of another top coat for quartz coatings also adds to the cost of materials and labor.  

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3. Performance

Because Penntek’s quartz and chip coating systems are made with a polyurea base coat and polyaspartic top coat, they are very similar in performance. 

Both coating types are extremely durable, UV stable, so they will not fade under high sun exposure, are chemical and abrasion resistant, and will not crack, chip, or peel. 

  • Quartz coatings are recommended for high-traffic areas and commercial applications, like animal shelters, industrial kitchens, and pool decks. They have a grittier finish than chip coatings, which gives them increased slip-resistant properties. 
  • Chip coatings have the same properties as quartz coatings except the chip flakes are larger than the quartz flakes. This is why quartz coatings are recommended for higher trafficked areas because chip flakes can be easier to grab up with constant, heavy traffic. 

Here is an example of how the quartz system would be better for an animal shelter than a chip system coating. 

In an animal shelter, dogs live their lives in uncertainty. They may have been abandoned and are confused and nervous as to why they are now in the shelter. A dog with high anxiety may hyper-fixate on one area of a floor or a colored chip in a coating and continuously scratch and dig at the floor. 

With a chip coating, the constant scratching and digging can cause the chip flake to start to peel up. Then, the dog is able to continuously peel up the flooring and ultimately destroy it. 

With a quartz coating, the flakes are similar to course, raw sugar. This is what makes these coating types better at withstanding constant wear and heavy traffic, whether it’s in an animal shelter, automotive shop, or bathroom. 

Penntek’s quartz and chip coatings are similar in their overall durability and performance. But, they have unique aspects that make quartz better for commercial applications and chip coatings better for residential areas.  


4. Look

Of course, before choosing the right concrete coating system for you, you want to know what it will look like in your space. 

The quartz and chip coating systems both consist of multi-colored flakes to create a unique blend. They also both finish with a shiny top coat to make your floor sparkle. Where they differ is the size and look of the flakes. 

  • Quartz coatings consist of a layer of quartz flakes. These flakes have a consistency similar to thick sand or coarse sugar and have an opaque look to them. Because the quartz grains are so small, this is why two layers of quartz must be applied to completely cover the flooring. 
  • Chip coatings have a layer of vinyl chip flakes that are around ¼ in. in size. The larger flakes allow you to see the color in the chip blend more distinctly while still creating unique multi-colored flooring. 

Both coatings can have a similar look when viewed from a distance, but quartz coatings provide a little extra sparkle and shine. 

Penntek quartz coating next to a chip coating with the Penntek logo in the middle.


5. Warranty

The final difference between Penntek’s quartz and chip coating systems is their warranty. 

Penntek offers a limited lifetime warranty to ensure their products will not yellow or fade from UV rays for the lifetime of the original purchaser of the product. This applies to both quartz and chip coatings. 

Their coatings are also protected against chipping, peeling, separating, or delaminating when properly prepared and installed. 

  • Penntek quartz coatings have protection against defects and the above circumstances for 5 years. 
  • Penntek chip coatings have protection against defects and the above circumstances for 15 years. 

The reason the quartz coatings have a shorter warranty period is that they are intended for high-traffic areas. This means they will wear faster than residential coatings because of the constant weathering from daily use. 

The second part of understaindg your product warranty is knowing the warranty of the company that installs your product. You must find a high-quality contractor that installs your Penntek coating properly and will warrant their work. 

Then, your new concrete coating won’t only look great but will last. 


Which Concrete Coating Is Better For You? Quartz Vs. Chip Coatings

Now that you know the five key differences between Penntek’s quartz and chip coating systems, you can understand which coating type fits your needs better for your project. 

Both coating types are made with polyurea and polyaspartic coatings with a flake blend in between, making their look and performance similar. However, they still differ in the details of durability, look, installation, cost, and warranty. 

So, which is better for you? Let’s see. 

  • If you are a business owner looking to upgrade your space, a quartz coating is better for you. A quartz concrete coating is best for commercial spaces because the smaller quartz flakes make them less susceptible to peeling up or becoming damaged under high-traffic and constant wear and tear. 
  • If you are a homeowner wanting to improve the appearance of your garage floor or outdoor patio, a chip coating may be better for you. A chip concrete coating is better for residential areas or businesses that do not endure constant impact or high traffic. Chip coatings are warranted to last longer because they are not intended for high-traffic areas. As a homeowner, you want something that will last. 

No matter the coating you choose, you must find a quality contractor to install your coating to ensure it will last and perform as you need it to. 

How exactly do you find the right contractor? 

Check out this article that outlines three steps to find the right contractor for your project. Then, you can continue your research to find the best company to install your Penntek coating and elevate your space. 


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Ready To Upgrade Your Space With A Contractor You Can Trust? 

Southwest Exteriors offers professional quartz and chip concrete coatings from Penntek for any commercial or residential space. 

Our concrete coating crews are expertly trained and Penntek-certified, so you can rest assured your new coating will be installed properly and last in your space. 

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