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ProVia vs. Andersen Windows: Which Is Better For You?

December 8th, 2022 | 12 min. read

ProVia vs. Andersen Windows: Which Is Better For You?

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So, you’re looking to replace your home’s windows with something high-quality that will last. 

Upon researching numerous brands, window types, and styles, you’ve narrowed it down to ProVia and Andersen windows

Both window manufacturers seem to offer beautiful windows in an array of design options, making it difficult to see the differences between them.

Which window performs better? What are they made of? What about their warranties? 

These are just a few questions you may be wondering when it comes to comparing ProVia and Andersen windows accurately. Lucky for you, Southwest Exteriors is here to help. 

Since 1989, Southwest Exteriors has offered the highest quality replacement windows with expert installation for San Antonio homeowners. 

While we do offer ProVia windows and not Andersen windows, our purpose is to educate you, not persuade you to choose one window over another.

This article will unbiasedly compare ProVia and Andersen windows. We'll look at factors like their performance, design, warranties, and more. 

After reading, you’ll know more about the essential qualities of each window. Then, you'll have a better idea of which window is better for you and your home. 


About ProVia Windows

ProVia offers windows, doors, roofing, siding, and manufactured stones and is located in Sugarcreek, Ohio. Their vision is to provide unmatched quality and service through their products. 

They are a faith-based company known for its Amish craftsmanship and 19 core values, including integrity, generosity, honesty, and compassion. 

ProVia is a company that puts heart and soul into their work. They care more about their clientele and outreach than the profits they make. If the integrity of the products you purchase is important to you, ProVia is right up your alley. 

They have four different window collections with almost unlimited options to fit your exact vision. 


About Andersen Windows

Andersen Corporation was originally founded as a lumber company in 1903. Nearly 30 years later, the very first ready-to-install casement window makes its way into the market, courtesy of Andersen. 

Since then, Andersen continued to innovate and introduce new windows and products to the market, adding gliding doors to their services in 1966. 

Andersen Corporation is headquartered in Minnesota and has over 30 manufacturing, retail, and distribution locations across the U.S. Other Andersen Windows & Doors sectors include Renewal by Andersen and Fenetres MQ, which provide luxury windows and doors. 

The Andersen Corporations stand for safety, sustainability, quality, and continuous improvement to provide you with the best products for your home. 


ProVia Windows vs. Andersen Windows: How do they compare in material, durability, and energy performance?

When comparing two or more windows, one of the first things you need to consider is how they perform. 

The performance and durability of a window depend on what it is made of, how it’s made, and the glass type. 

Let’s break down ProVia and Andersen windows in each of these categories to compare how they will hold up in your home. 


Comparing ProVia and Andersen Windows

1. Material

What are ProVia windows made of?

​​ProVia offers windows made of high-performing vinyl and vinyl-clad windows.

Their windows are made of SunShield vinyl, engineered not to crack, chip, or warp under high temperatures. Their vinyl-clad windows are made with the same SunShield vinyl exterior cladding over a real-wood frame.  


What are Andersen windows made of? 

Andersen Windows offers five window series, some of which are made of a Fibrex composite frame and others that are made of vinyl-clad windows. This material is made of PVC and recycled wood.

Their Fibrexcomposite is made to be twice as strong as standard vinyl. Their vinyl-clad windows are made with a solid wood frame and exterior vinyl cladding, protecting the wooden frame from exterior forces. 


How do ProVia and Andersen windows compare in material? 

Both ProVia and Andersen offer high-quality vinyl and vinyl-clad windows. This means, as far as material goes, both companies have the same products. 

However, the material of a window is just part of analyzing how the windows compare in their performance. 


Comparing ProVia and Andersen windows

2. Durability

How durable are ProVia windows? 

ProVia’s Sunshield vinyl windows are made to withstand extreme sun heat and UV rays. This makes them a durable option for San Antonio homes. 

Because the vinyl is weather resistant, it will not rot, and the finish is warranted not to crack, chip, peel, pit, or blister. 

ProVia’s vinyl-clad windows are made with the same high-quality SunShield vinyl exterior. This means they have the same durable qualities as ProVia’s full vinyl windows. With clad windows, you have the beauty of a real-wood interior without the maintenance of a wood exterior. 


How durable are Andersen windows? 

Andersen’s Fibrex windows are made to be twice as strong as regular vinyl windows. They also have a finish 12 times thicker than standard vinyl, making them more durable for extreme clients. 

The vinyl finish is UV resistant, so it will not crack, chip, or fade under sunlight. It can also withstand temperatures up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Their vinyl-clad windows offer maximum strength. The vinyl cladding adds support and stability to the wood frame with a maintenance-free exterior. Andersen windows are made to seal out any water, wind, or drafts your home endures to protect it. 


How do ProVia and Andersen windows compare in durability? 

In terms of durability, ProVia and Andersen both offer strongly manufactured vinyl windows and vinyl cladding to provide exceptionally durable, weather-resistant, and long-lasting windows. 

Both windows' vinyl is chip, crack, and peel resistant and can hold up in high and low temperatures, making them ideal for hot and cold climates. 

So, if you’re deciding between ProVia and Andersen windows for your home, by looking at the material and durability, they are pretty equal. 


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Comparing ProVia and Andersen Windows 

3. Energy-Efficiency

How energy-efficient are ProVia windows?

ProVia windows are ENERGY STAR certified, which puts them in the top category of energy-efficient windows. They offer multiple glass types for your replacement windows, from standard Low-E coated glass, multi-pane windows, and gas-filled panes. They also offer glass tinting options to maximize energy efficiency while providing shade for your home. 

Coated glass helps to block harmful UV rays and solar heat from penetrating your window. Multi-pane and gas-filled windows have insulating properties to help regulate the internal temperature of your home and ultimately allow you to use your HVAC system less.

ProVia allows you to customize your window glass. Whether you choose a vinyl or vinyl-clad window, you can select the right window glass type to meet your energy-efficient needs. 


How energy-efficient are Andersen windows? 

Andersen windows are also ENERGY STAR certified, offering four glass types for vinyl and vinyl-clad windows. 

Their glass packages range from extra Low-E coatings to help defer UV rays from getting through your windows to full tints that block all sun rays from entering your home. They also offer triple and double-paned windows to provide insulation for your home. 

Overall, Andersen windows have numerous options, from different coating options, tints, and multi-pane options, allowing you to customize your windows to fit your energy-efficient needs. 


How do ProVia and Andersen windows compare in energy efficiency? 

ProVia and Andersen windows offer an array of energy-efficient coated and multi-pane glass options that allow you to create the best window for your home. 

The biggest difference between ProVia and Andersen’s energy-efficient properties is that ProVia windows offer a gas-filled glass option, and Andersen does not. Gas-filled panes provide added insulation for your windows, ultimately insulating your home. 

So, if you are looking for a window with the most energy-efficient properties and options, a multi-pane, gas-filled, Low-E-coated ProVia window may be the best option. However, Andersen still offers multiple energy-efficient options that allow you to customize your windows to your liking. 


Comparing ProVia and Andersen Windows

4. Design


After comparing what ProVia and Andersen windows are made of and how they perform, you next want to consider what they look like. 

What kind of customization options do the windows have? What shapes of windows are available? Can you choose custom colors for the frame? 

These are just a few questions we will answer below. 


What kind of design options do ProVia windows offer? 

ProVia offers four lines of replacement windows: Aeris, Endure, Aspect, and ecoLite. Eight window types are available between the four window lines, including double-hung, bay & bow, casement, and more. 

Each window line has its options in terms of customization, but they all have four standard interior and exterior frame colors with the option to be painted or stained. Stained or painted interior frames only apply to the ProVia Endure collection. 

ProVia also offers a variety of tinted and decorative glass for windows.

Whether you just want to add a protective coating to block sun heat from your home or are looking for an intricately designed stained glass look, they have the option for you. 


What kind of design options do Andersen windows offer? 

Andersen has five window lines: 100 series, 200 series, 400 series, A-series, and E-series. Their replacement windows come in a variety of eight window styles and shapes, like casement, awning, double-hung, and more. 

Like ProVia, Andersen’s window collections have their own unique elements for customization. They offer 50 exterior frame colors and several wood stains and paints for clad windows. Windows in the 100 and 200 series are limited to four to five interior and exterior frame colors, though they are more affordable and have a sleek look. 

Andersen also offers numerous glass customizations, like grille patterns, art glass, and even shades between the glass panes.

One extremely helpful tool provided by Andersen is their window design page. This allows you to completely design your windows from the ground up and see which window type and line provides you with the customizability you need to match your home.  

Comparing ProVia and Andersen Windows

5. Warranty


One major component of choosing the right replacement window for your home is the warranty. A window’s warranty will tell you what potential damages or mishaps are covered in the future of your window’s lifespan in your home. 

When looking at a warranty, the most important elements to identify are the length of the warranty, the inclusions, and the exclusions. 

Let’s dissect ProVia and Andersen’s window warranties to see which has a better warranty for you. 


What is ProVia’s window warranty? 

ProVia’s window warranty states the product will be free from material defects for as long as the original purchaser lives in their home. This means that if any problems in your windows arise from manufacturing defects, it is covered under warranty for your life in your home. The window frame is also covered for as long as you live in your home. 

Interior paint or stain is covered for 10 years against flaking, blistering, and peeling, and window hardware is covered for a lifetime. 

Natural wear and tear, unreasonable use, natural causes, foundation shifting, and improper installation are just a few exclusions in ProVia’s warranty.  

Read more about ProVia’s window warranty here!


What is Andersen’s window warranty?

Andersen offers a limited warranty for their 100, 200, and 400 series windows. Under this warranty, all non-glass components, like hardware, grilles, trim, and frame, are warranted against manufacturing defects for 10 years. 

Factory glass is warranted against manufacturing defects for 20 years but does not apply to custom glass glazings. 

Improper installation, Acts of God, condensation, product modifications, and accidental damages are not covered under this warranty. 


How do ProVia and Andersen compare in warranties? 

Overall, ProVia and Andersen offer similar warranties in terms of coverage and exclusions, and both warranties are transferable. Where they differ are the lengths of the warranties. 

ProVia’s window warranty is valid for as long as you live in your home and is transferable once. This means even if you live in your home for three years and the next owner resides for 30 years, ProVia’s warranty is valid the entire time. 

Andersen’s warranty is limited, only covering non-glass window parts for 10 years and glass parts for 20 years. 

So, if you are a long-term homeowner and want a replacement window that is covered for as long as you are in your home, ProVia will be the better option. 


ProVia Windows vs. Andersen Windows 

Which is better for you?

Now that you know more about ProVia and Andersen windows, how they perform, what design options they offer, and what their warranties are, you have a better idea of which window is better for you. 

Both ProVia and Andersen have high-quality engineered composite windows and vinyl-clad windows available. These windows have similar qualities in performance and look. 

To determine which window is better for you, you’ll want to look into the specifics of their design options and their warranties. 

  • If you want a durable window that allows you to customize multiple parts of your windows and is warranted for as long as you live in your home, then ProVia windows may be the right option. 
  • If you aren’t a long-term homeowner looking for a less expensive window that still provides numerous design options and is warranted for a shorter period, then Andersen windows may be better.  

When searching for the right replacement window for you, you must outline your wants, goals, and needs to know what is most important to you and what you can compromise. 

Now, we understand this can be difficult. How do you know what you want? What can you design for replacement windows? What should I consider when choosing the right window?

This article will outline five things to think about when designing your new replacement windows, like how design affects cost, finding the right company for your windows and more. 

Then, you’ll know what to look for in your replacement windows and replacement window contractor so you can find the right windows for you.


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Southwest Exteriors offers and installs ProVia windows for all homeowners in San Antonio and surrounding areas.

On top of ProVia’s warranty for as long as you live in your home, Southwest Exteriors also warrants your windows and installation for the same time. When you work with us, we build a lifelong relationship with you. 

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