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Qualities of Wood, Steel, & Fiberglass Entry Doors in San Antonio

February 3rd, 2014 | 1 min. read

Qualities of Wood, Steel, & Fiberglass Entry Doors in San Antonio

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When having houses newly constructed or remodeled, one thing San Antonio homeowners must choose is the kind of entry door. Understandably, they want to make a good impression when they welcome guests at their doorstep. According to a Bob Vila article by Jennifer Noonan, the catch is choosing the kind of entry door:

Selecting the Right Front Door Image

There is a dizzying variety of options to choose from in front doors, both in style (paneled, double, arched) and construction (wood, fiberglass, metal). Selecting an entryway can be completely overwhelming, but fortunately there are some practical matters to help guide the decision-making process.
A way to decide which entry door is suitable is to look for certain qualities. Thus, homeowners can consider the qualities of three common choices of entry doors in San Antonio: wood, steel, and fiberglass. Wood

For at least 50 years, wood has been the only choice for doors. Wooden doors have beautiful grain that gives a high-end look and warm feel. According to Juan Rodriguez, an engineer who wrote for, the only downside to wooden doors is that they may be prone to peeling or warping.


Ray Jensen, a columnist at Yahoo! Contributor Network, says that steel doors now compete on equal footing with wooden ones. Steel is energy-efficient and entails less maintenance while being resistant to bowing and cracking. While steel doors can be hot or cold to the touch, it has great energy-efficiency.


Among several options for exterior doors in San Antonio, fiberglass seems the most advantageous. Fiberglass doors are energy-efficient, impact-resistant, and attractive like wood. According to Southwest Exteriors designer Ryan Houchen, its 20-year service life makes a fiberglass door a good investment.


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