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Replacing Soffit And Fascia With Siding: What You Need To Know

May 10th, 2023 | 8 min. read

Replacing Soffit And Fascia With Siding: What You Need To Know

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A siding replacement project consists of many components: siding material, board style and size, paint color, trim options, and, of course, soffit and fascia. 

Many homeowners may think of their soffit and fascia as part of their roofing. They may not even consider replacing them with their siding. In reality, soffit and fascia replacement are standard with most siding replacement projects. 

Should you replace your soffit and fascia? Are there any benefits? How much does it cost? These are just a few questions you want answered before finding the right siding solution for your home. 

As a San Antonio siding replacement company since 1989, Southwest Exteriors has helped thousands of homeowners replace their exteriors with durable, long-lasting James Hardie fiber cement siding. 

Most projects we've completed have included soffit, fascia replacement, and siding. 

Any high-quality, knowledgeable siding contractor will recommend replacing the soffit, fascia, and other ancillary areas with siding. 

But why


5 Questions To Consider For Soffit And Fascia Replacement 

Before searching for the right contractor to work with on your project, you need all your questions answered to avoid wasting time, energy, and money. 

When it comes to your siding project, you want to know whether you should replace your soffit and fascia as well, what it costs, and so much more. If you are curious if you can paint vinyl siding, read our article discussing this in detail. 


1. What are soffit and fascia? 

Soffit and fascia are two crucial components of your home’s exterior. They protect it from water infiltration, rotting, and potential pests. Though many consider them part of roofing, both are commonly replaced with siding. 


What is soffit? 

The top half of a home with yellow arrows pointing to the soffit of the roofline. The soffit on your home is the underside panels that extend from the roofline to the side of your home. They can be as wide as two feet or as small as two inches, depending on the extension of the roofing on your home. 

Soffit panels act as a barrier for the underside of your roofing. It protects against allowing birds, insects, or other animals from getting into your walls and building a home where they shouldn’t. 

Some soffit panels are made with ventilating holes to allow airflow through your attic and roof. This helps ensure heat can circulate out of your home during the warmer months.


What is fascia? 

The top half of a home with blue arrows pointing to the fascia of the roofline. Fascia is the front-facing panel that runs along the bottom of your roofline, connecting to the soffit underneath. It is similar to trim for your roofing. 

Underneath the fascia, there is typically a drip edge that allows water to run off the roofing and fascia without penetrating through. This helps prevent water infiltration and rotting in your home. 

Fascia is a crucial component of your roof and siding to protect against water and critter infestation, and it also gives your home a finished look. 


2. When do my soffit and fascia need replacing? 

This is one of the main questions you want answered before committing to your siding replacement project. 

Fascia and soffit are typically replaced at the same time as siding because if it’s time to replace your siding, most likely, your soffit and fascia are due for a replacement. 

Inspecting your soffit and fascia is the best way to determine if it’s time to replace them or not. If you notice any visual deterioration, signs of rotting, critter infestation, or damage from impacting winds or weather, you will want a professional to look at it. 

  • If damaged soffit and fascia go untreated, it will only get worse over time. This means your home is at risk for further damage, like rotting and critters, and will cost much more to fix in the future than it will now. 

Another way to know whether it’s time to replace your soffit and fascia is by looking at its age. If they are just as old as your siding, it’s only a matter of time before they kick the can and will need replacing shortly after you replace your siding. 

  • If you’ve lived in your home for decades with the same siding, soffit, and fascia, replacing them all at once will improve your home's exterior appearance and overall performance. 

Looking at your soffit and fascia's visual appearance, overall health, and age will help you determine whether it should be replaced or not. 

Doing your own inspection and knowing what to look for helps you to understand when your soffit and fascia need replacing, but consulting the opinion of a professional will give you the answer you need. 


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3. What are the benefits of replacing the soffit and fascia with siding? 

Even if your soffit and fascia aren’t in terrible shape, it may still be recommended that you replace them along with your siding. With this, you may wonder why. 

The largest benefit of replacing your soffit and fascia at the same time as your siding is convenience. If your siding needs replacing, your soffit and fascia are also most likely due for a replacement too. 

Replacing all exterior areas at the same time is not only convenient, but it helps save you money in the long run as well. 

If you replace your siding with one company and then replace your soffit and fascia later on, it will be more expensive than if you replaced all three at the same time. This saves on the cost of labor and installation, and many companies also provide an overall discount on full projects. 


4. When shouldn’t I replace my soffit and fascia with my siding? 

Now that you know when and why you should replace your soffit and fascia with your siding, you also want to know when you shouldn’t replace them. 

  • One instance in which we would not recommend replacing your soffit or fascia with your siding project is if you already had them replaced or repaired within the past several years. 
  • Another would be if your soffit and fascia are in great condition and was newly installed, but you want to upgrade the look of your siding. 

In each of these scenarios, you have a newer soffit and fascia that does not pose a threat to your home and will last alongside your siding. 

In any other instance, we recommend replacing your soffit and fascia along with your siding to ensure they are updated at the same time and will work together to protect your home. 


5. How much does it cost to replace the soffit and fascia?

With any home remodeling project, you want to know how much it will cost. 

A siding replacement can cost anywhere from $25,000 and upwards for 1,500 square feet of siding. And this includes no soffit and fascia replacement. 

The average cost of soffit and fascia replacement is about $20 per linear square foot but can range anywhere from $10 - $35 depending on board material, style, and other customizations. 

In total, replacing your soffit and fascia can add $2,000 - $8,000 to your project, which includes the cost of labor and installation. 

The overall cost of your project depends on a variety of factors, like the size of your project, the type of siding you choose, and the quality of the contractor that installs your project. 

Understanding your wants, goals, and needs for your project is the first step to creating the right budget and finding the right company to work with. 


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Should You Replace Your Soffit And Fascia With Your Siding? 

Now that you have five key questions to consider if you’re thinking about replacing your soffit and fascia, you can find the right company to work with for your siding project. 

Replacing your soffit and fascia along with your siding is recommended by many high-quality siding contractors. 

If your soffit and fascia are just as old as your siding, chances are it’s time for a replacement. New soffit and fascia will 

  • Protect your home against future water infiltration, rotting, and critter infestation
  • Fix any problem areas you may not see behind your walls 
  • Elevate your home’s curb appeal paired with new siding

Replacing these three areas altogether will save you time, money, and effort in home remodeling. It will ensure the entire envelope of your home is properly sealed and will last. 

So, are you ready to replace your home siding, soffit, and fascia? The largest factor in a successful outcome is finding the right contractor to work with. 

Check out this article that outlines three simple steps to finding the right home remodeling contractor for you. 


Ready To Work With A Contractor You Can Trust? 

Southwest Exteriors offers high-quality siding, soffit, and fascia replacements with James Hardie fiber cement products. 

Our expert installation teams follow James Hardie’s best practices for installation, so your new siding will protect your home and last for years to come. If anything happens as long as you own your home, we’ll be here to make it right. 

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