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Reviewing Penntek’s Metallic Epoxy Concrete Coating: Features, Style, And More

June 1st, 2023 | 9 min. read

Reviewing Penntek’s Metallic Epoxy Concrete Coating: Features, Style, And More

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So, you’ve been considering investing in a concrete floor coating and are interested in learning more about Penntek’s metallic epoxy coatings. 

Maybe it’s the marble look that piqued your interest. Or maybe the superior durability you’ve heard about makes you want to learn more. 

No matter how you landed on this article, we’re here to answer all your questions about this type of concrete coating. 

Southwest Exteriors offers numerous coating types from Penntek, like their polyurea coatings, shop floor systems, and metallic system coatings. 

Before you make any decision, our expert design consultants will educate you on all your options and help guide you to the right coating solution. 

But perhaps you aren’t quite ready to meet with a company yet. You want to learn more about Penntek's metallic coatings before taking that next step.

This article will review Penntek’s metallic coating system in these four categories: 

  1. Cost
  2. Features And Benefits
  3. Look 
  4. Warranty


How Much Do Penntek Metallic System Concrete Coatings Cost?

When considering investing in any remodeling project, one of the first things you want to know is how much it costs. 

The average cost of a Penntek metallic system concrete coatings can range from $6 to $12 per square foot. It's important to note that this is just a general range. The actual cost can be higher or lower depending on factors like square footage, additions, and the contractor you choose.

To accurately estimate the cost of your concrete coating, consider the size of the area to be coated, the condition of the existing concrete substrate, and the complexity of the design or pattern. 

Having realistic expectations for the cost of your concrete coating project is crucial to finding the right coating and company that will meet your needs and provide a successful outcome. 


What Are The Features And Benefits Of Penntek’s Metallic System Coatings? 

Penntek Industrial Coating's metallic epoxy concrete floor coatings offer several significant benefits. Here are seven major benefits of these coatings. 

  • Aesthetic Appeal

Metallic epoxy coatings create a stunning visual effect that mimics the appearance of marble, granite, or lava flow. These coatings add a unique and luxurious look to any space, making them popular in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

  • Durability

Penntek's metallic epoxy coatings are designed to be highly durable and long-lasting. They provide a protective layer to withstand heavy foot traffic, impacts, abrasion, and chemical spills. 

Their durability ensures that the coated concrete floors maintain their beauty and functionality. This reduces the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

  • Seamless and Smooth Finish

The application process of metallic epoxy coatings involves pouring and spreading the epoxy mixture, which results in a seamless and smooth finish. This eliminates joints, seams, or grout lines found in alternative flooring options, making the surface easy to clean and maintain. 

The smooth finish also provides a visually appealing look and a comfortable walking surface.

  • Slip Resistance

While the metallic epoxy coatings offer a glossy and smooth finish, they can also incorporate slip-resistant additives. This helps improve traction and reduces the risk of slips and falls, making it a safer option for both residential and commercial environments.

  • Chemical Resistance

Penntek's metallic epoxy coatings have excellent chemical resistance properties. They can withstand exposure to various chemicals, including oil, gasoline, acids, solvents, and cleaning agents. 

This makes them suitable for industries such as automotive, manufacturing, and food processing, where spills and chemical exposure are common.

  • Easy Maintenance

Metallic epoxy coatings are relatively easy to maintain. Regular sweeping or dusting and occasional mopping with a neutral cleaner are sufficient to keep the surface clean and looking its best. 

The seamless finish also prevents dirt, dust, and stains from penetrating the coating, simplifying the cleaning process.

  • UV Stability

Penntek's metallic epoxy coatings are UV-stable, meaning they can resist yellowing or fading when exposed to sunlight. This makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications without compromising their visual appeal or performance.

Overall, Penntek's metallic epoxy concrete floor coatings offer a combination of aesthetics, durability, ease of maintenance, and chemical resistance. This makes them a popular choice for a wide range of residential, commercial, and industrial flooring needs.



What Kind Of Design Options Do Penntek’s Metallic System Coatings Offer? 

One of the greatest benefits of adding a concrete coating to any space is looks. You want a coating that will match your style and elevate your space. 

Penntek’s metallic epoxy coatings offer a wide range of color options to suit various design preferences and styles. Here are some common color choices typically offered:


  • Silver: A classic metallic silver finish that provides a sleek and modern look.
  • Gold: A rich and luxurious gold finish that adds an elegant touch to any space.
  • Copper: A warm, inviting copper finish that creates a rustic or industrial aesthetic.
  • Bronze: A deep bronze finish that offers a timeless and sophisticated appearance.
  • Pearl: A pearly white finish with subtle iridescent effects that create a clean and luminous ambiance.
  • Blue: Various shades of blue, ranging from light and airy to deep and vibrant, offering a calming or striking visual impact.
  • Green: Green tones, including emerald, mint, or forest green, provide a natural and refreshing atmosphere.
  • Red: Bold and energetic red hues, ranging from vibrant crimson to deep maroon, make a dramatic statement.
  • Black: A sleek and modern black finish that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication.
  • Custom Colors: Penntek also offers the option for custom color formulations. This allows you to create unique, personalized finishes.

As you can see, these metallic epoxy coatings over a wide variety of design options to fit any space. Whether you’re looking for classic and chic or a pop of color, this floor coating system will elevate any room.


Penntek's metallic epoxy sunburst color Penntek's capri metallic epoxy coating Penntek's metallic epoxy steel colorPenntek's ruby metallic epoxy coating Penntek's midnight metallic epoxy coating Penntek's bronze metallic epoxy coatingPenntek's royal metallic epoxy coating Penntek's mocha metallic epoxy coating Penntek's scarlet metallic epoxy coatingPenntek's snow metallic epoxy coating

What Warranty Comes With Penntek’s Metallic Coating System?

Penntek ensures their products will not yellow or fade from UV rays for the lifetime of the original purchaser of the product. 

When properly installed, chipping, peeling, separating, or delaminating are covered for 15 years. This includes interior, exterior, vertical, and horizontal surfaces or essentially any coated surface. 

This warranty also ensures that Penntek products will be free from defects and perform without failure for 15 years. 

Some common exclusions in their warranty are

  • Abuse, neglect, or misuse
  • Fire damage
  • Improper preparation of the surface
  • Improper installation

To ensure your new coating is fully covered under Penntek’s warranty, working with the right contractor is crucial. Your coating must be installed properly to perform and last as well as it is made to. 

Southwest Exteriors offers a lifetime warranty on all products installed for as long as you own your home. 

Read more about Penntek’s warranty here! 


Investing In The Right Concrete Floor Coating For You 

Now that you know the average cost, benefits, design options, and warranty of Penntek’s metallic system coatings, you have a better idea if this concrete coating is right for you. 

These metallic epoxy coatings are more affordable than other coating types, like polyurea, and give your home a unique look. With many featured benefits, this coating is also highly durable, UV stable, and has slip-resistant properties. 

  • If you are looking for a concrete coating to elevate your space and protect your concrete, this coating type may be right for you. 
  • If you are looking for a more durable coating for your residential or commercial space, a polyurea and polyaspartic concrete coating may be what you need. 

Epoxy and polyurea are two of the most popular coating types on the market. On the outside, it may be difficult to determine their differences. However, it is important to do so to choose the best coating type for your home. 

Check out this article that compares epoxy and polyurea concrete coatings in durability, longevity, cost, and more. Then, you’ll better understand which coating type is right for you and can take the next step in your project. 


Ready To Upgrade Your Space With A Contractor You Trust? 

Southwest Exteriors offers multiple concrete coating types from Penntek, like polyurea, metallic, and shop floor systems. 

Even if you aren’t sure which coating type is right for you, our expert design consultants will educate you on all your options so you can choose the best solution for your project. 

But we’ll never pressure you into one choice over another because this is your project, not ours. 

Ready to elevate your space with a high-quality concrete coating? Schedule your commitment-free consultation today and get the look you love coming home to!