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5 Scary Signs Your Siding Needs Replacing This Halloween

October 18th, 2022 | 10 min. read

5 Scary Signs Your Siding Needs Replacing This Halloween

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For many homeowners, the month of October can be translated into one word: Halloween. 

We’re used to seeing fake spiderwebs sprawled across all surfaces and exteriors, pumpkin guts on the front porch from a recent carving, and broken, worn-down decorations used for the effect of a haunted house. 

One of the many exciting things with the season is getting in the Halloween spirit.

But do you know one problem that comes with becoming desensitized to broken, deteriorating things? You can easily mistake damage to your home for a spooky decoration, especially your damaged siding or roofing.

In a time of zombie graves and ghostly house guests, we want you to know what kind of siding damage to be aware of to ensure you don’t mistake it for Halloween decor. 

As a San Antonio siding contractor since 1989, Southwest Exteriors has seen it all. From raccoons digging in the roofline to rotting behind the walls, we’ve guided many homeowners to the right solution for their siding damage. 

We want you to know what to look for to know that it’s time to replace your siding; what better time to look at things that scare us than Halloween? 

This article will outline five spooky signs your home siding is doomed for a siding replacement. We’ll cover various common damages you can identify from a simple walk around your exterior and provide you with the right solution to fix it. 

Then, you will know when your siding is damaged beyond repair and can differentiate between some frightening seasonal decor and an even scarier damaged siding. 


When do I need to replace my siding? 5 scary signs it’s time

As you’re putting up your Halloween and Fall decorations around the exterior of your home, this is a perfect opportunity to inspect your siding for any harmful damage. 

Here are five spooky signs that tell you it’s time to replace your siding: 

1. Rot

2. Critter infestation

3. Swelling

4. Visual deterioration

5. Shapeshifting


Let’s look into each of these signs more, starting with the scariest signs first, so you can better understand the cause of these issues and why you shouldn’t wait to get your siding fixed. 


1. Rotting in your siding or around the roofline

One of the scariest things that damage your siding is rot. Rot occurs when excessive moisture becomes trapped and grows a fungus in wood. 

If you have wood siding, rot is a common enemy you should beware of. But, even if you don’t have wood siding, water can make its way through any damaged exterior area and threaten your home's frame. 

Think of rot like a zombie. When rot starts to form anywhere in your home, it weakens the wood, similar to how a zombie bite would begin to weaken you and eventually overtake your body. 

Rot is also common near and along your roofline. So, when you’re putting up your Halloween lights, be sure to check for any damaged siding and rot. 


What is the solution to rotting in my siding? 

If you find rot anywhere on your home’s exterior, you will want to contact a professional as soon as possible. 

The longer you leave rot in your home, the worse it will continue to get. This will only cost you more in the future. 

A group of animated black, white, and grey zombies walking along rot in the siding of a home.

One small batch of rot can quickly overtake your entire home, just like how one zombie bite will infect your whole body. 


2. Critter infestation in your siding

The second scariest damage to find in your siding is an unwanted house guest tearing up your home. 

No matter where you are in the world, there are always furry creatures and insects looking to nest where they can. Raccoons, squirrels, woodpeckers, bees, wasps, opossums, mice, and rats are a few of the most common critters that dwell in many homes. 

When an animal is living within your walls, it’s like living in a haunted house. This is your property now, and any furry creature (no matter how friendly they may seem) was not invited to your Halloween party. 


What is the solution to a critter living in my siding? 

If you suspect there is a critter living in your siding, you’ll want to assess the damage to get an idea of what that critter may be


Then, you can contact the right specialist to come and remove the animal safely before having your siding repaired. Once the animal is safely removed and relocated, you can then find the right contractor to repair or replace your damaged siding and protect it from further infestation. 

A haunted house with fog and smoke circling it with cartoon raccoons, squirrels, and mice around it.

You definitely don’t want any creepy crawlers living within your walls this holiday.


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3. Swelling of your siding

The third spookiest sign your siding is doomed for a replacement is if you notice the side of your home looking swelled or bowed. This is a sign of built-up water behind your walls. 

As we’ve already discussed, water trapped behind your siding can lead to rot if left untreated. This is what makes swelled siding so scary. 

If you stand on the side of your exterior and it looks like your home ate too much Halloween candy, this could be a sign of built-up water behind the walls. Similar to if you find rot or any exterior damage, the longer it is left, the worse it will get. 


What is the solution to swelled siding? 

If you notice your siding looks swelled or bowed, you’ll want to contact a siding replacement professional immediately. 

A professional can assess the damage and determine what the cause is, whether it is built-up water behind the walls or something else, like weather changes or other damage. 

Then, you will know the true cause of your swelled siding and can have a professional repair the damage.

A cartoon house with swelled sides with Halloween candy all around it.

Your house will become stuffed like a 5-year-old on Halloween night if hidden water and rot has been hiding within your walls.


4. Visual deterioration around your siding

Another scary sign your siding is in trouble is if you notice any visual deterioration anywhere on your exterior. Deterioration or damage can include cracking or chipping of your siding, any holes or chew marks, or rot. 

Any sign of damage on your siding could mean there is a bigger problem at hand. For example, if you notice chew marks or what looks like animal damage, there may be a critter living in your walls. 

Rotting may be the culprit if you notice a corner of your siding starting to deteriorate. No matter what type of damage you find on your siding, it’s important to get it fixed as soon as possible before it continues to grow into a bigger monster. 


What is the solution to visual deterioration on siding?

If you notice any visual deterioration on your siding, you’ll want to have a professional siding contractor look at your siding and assess the damage. 

Depending on the degree of damage, you may be able to get your siding repaired, or you may have to have it totally replaced. 

A scene from the film, Spirited Away, where the character No Face  is stuffing his face with a buffet of food in front of him.

Photo credit: Ghibli Wiki

Just like No Face in Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away, you home will continue to swell and expand the more and more water is trapped in it. 


5. Shapeshifting of your siding

The last spooky sign your siding may be doomed for a replacement is if your siding looks like it has shapeshifted. This is similar to swelling on your siding, though the cause may be something totally different. 

Shapeshifting can mean swelling, but it can also happen when your siding expands and contracts due to changing weather. This is especially common with vinyl siding. 

When it’s hot outside, your siding will expand. When it cools down, the siding contracts. This causes the siding to shapeshift and can also eventually crack and chip. Then, deterioration will allow for more serious problems to infiltrate your home through your damaged siding. 

Shapeshifting can also occur due to the foundation shifting of your home. This is a natural occurrence as the earth moves and moves your home with it. 


What is the solution to shapeshifting of siding? 

If your siding has shapeshifted, you will want to look further into your siding and see if any shifting has caused damage, such as cracking or chipping. 

If there is no visual deterioration, your siding may be okay to last a little longer. But, if you notice any damage from shifting, you will want to have a professional assess the damage to determine if your siding needs repair or a replacement. 

Remember, the longer you leave problems with your siding, the worse they will get and the more it will cost you in the future. 

A cartoon house with shifted sides as if it is blowing away in the wind. 

Whether it’s from foundation shifting, water buildup, or weather changes, shapeshifting will make your home unstable and wonky as if the Big Bad Wolf came and blew it down.


Is your house haunted by siding that’s past its due date? 

Now that you know five spooky signs your siding needs some attention, you can be sure to spot any mysterious activity around your home while you decorate for the holidays. 

If you notice any visual deterioration or something that doesn’t look right, it’s best to contact a professional siding contractor to know whether you need to repair your siding, replace it, or leave it be. 

Knowing what to look for to identify when your siding is in trouble is important. Then, you have a better understanding of what the right possible solution may be and when you need to find a professional. 

If you’ve noticed some suspicious damage around your siding this season, you need to find the right company you can trust to call on. 

After reading this article that outlines the five things you need to know about finding the best contactor for your project, you’ll be able to outline your goals for your siding and find the right company that will meet all your needs. 


Looking for a San Antonio siding contractor you can trust?

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