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Sherwin-Williams Paint Warranty: Lifetime Guarantee and Inclusions

August 26th, 2021 | 5 min. read

Sherwin-Williams Paint Warranty: Lifetime Guarantee and Inclusions

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Photo credit: Mike Mozart. This photo was not altered or edited in any way. License: Creative Commons

Your home’s exterior undergoes a hefty amount of weathering. Constant sunlight, harsh winters, and random hail storms are just a few acts of Mother Nature that test the durability of your exterior. 

While you want to know your siding is going to withstand the weather, you also want to know the paint on top will last too. 

If a problem does arise with your exterior paint, you want to know whether it is covered under warranty. 

Understanding your paint's warranty is important to know.If you experience an issue, you need to know what the company offers to fix that issue. 

Southwest Exteriors has been an exterior remodeling company in San Antonio since 1989. We specialize in siding replacements with painting and exterior paint projects. Your product warranty is backed by our lifetime installation warranty. 

We understand the importance of a high-quality warranty and want you to be educated on your product warranty. 

We use Sherwin-Williams paint because it’s some of the highest quality paint that’s also durable and made to last. If something does go wrong with your exterior paint, we cover the cost to fix it for your life in your home. 

This article will specify what is and isn’t included in the Sherwin-Williams paint product warranty. We will also cover what the company will provide in case of damage under warranty. 

After reading this article, you will know the coverage of your Sherwin-Williams product and what to do if something goes wrong. 


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How long does Sherwin-Williams paint warranty last?

The inclusions of a warranty are the first thing to understand and consider when inspecting any damages to your product. 

Sherwin-Williams offers a limited lifetime warranty on all products for as long as you live in your home. This is only applicable for products applied to a single-family house. 

The warranty covers if you purchase and apply the product to your home, pay for the product and installation on your home, or buy the product and apply it to another house that a third party owns. 


What is included in Sherwin-Williams products’ warranty? 

The warranty only covers peeling and blistering for the lifetime in your home. It is not transferable. 

This means that if your paint starts to peel or blister on a single-family home, it is covered under warranty. 

Sherwin-Williams will provide enough product to coat the area that has peeled or blistered or refund the original purchase price. 

Peeling and blistering occur from normal wear and tear under various weather conditions. Blistering is when excess heat is trapped underneath the paint’s surface and causes air bubbles to form. 

While these two conditions are included in the warranty coverage, the cause of the issue must also be investigated. If peeling or blistering happens due to a defined exclusion, then the warranty is void. 


What isn’t included or could void your Sherwin-Williams paint warranty?

Like any product warranty, your Sherwin-Williams product has exclusions to its coverage. Even if you experience peeling or blistering, some causes outlined in the warranty’s exclusions will void your coverage. 

Next we will outline what is excluded in the Sherwin-Williams warranty and what will void coverage.


If the surface is not prepared properly

If the surface where Sherwin-Williams products are applied is not prepared properly, the warranty is voided. 

An exterior surface to be primed and painted should be power washed to remove all excess dirt and buildup on the surface. This will allow for the product to adhere to the surface correctly and as evenly as possible. 

This also includes removing previous paints, stains, or wallpaper for interior surfaces to allow proper application. Proper priming of a surface, if directed, would also fall under this category. 


If a previous paint or coating has failed

Similar to not preparing the surface to be painted properly, the failure of a previous paint underneath that causes the Sherwin-Williams paint to fail is not warranted. 

All current paints or stains should be removed before applying new paint. This will ensure that the paint adheres to the surface correctly and the old paint will not peel, chip, or blister the new paint.


Fading of color

Color fading is a popular thing that can happen to paint on exteriors or that are constantly exposed to the sun. 

Because fading is a part of a product's everyday wear and tear, it is not warranted under the Sherwin-Williams warranty. 


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Structural damage

If the Sherwin-Williams product on a surface becomes damaged from any structural damage, the paint is not covered. 

This means that if any damages, whether accidental, intentional, or caused by nature, occur to a surface with Sherwin-Williams product, it is not covered for a replacement coating or refund. 


Improper application of a product

If any defects or damages occur to the paint or product that is not applied properly, it is not covered. The product must be applied following the directions on the label of the product's container.

This includes applying the product to the proper mil. A mil is the measurement of thickness for coatings. Different types of paint require an application to different mils. 

If the paint is not applied to the proper mil, it is not applied properly. 

If any of these causes create any peeling or blistering, it is not covered under warranty. 


Installation and labor costs

While Sherwin-Williams will provide a replacement coating or refund for a product that has peeled or blistered, they will not pay for the cost of installation and labor. This includes labor to remove the current product. 

Any damages, whether incidental or consequential, during the application of the new product are not covered under warranty. This is why it is key to choose a contractor that will back up your warranty with high-quality installation practices. 

Now that you know what is and is not covered in Sherwin-Williams products’ warranty, what if you need to file a claim? 

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How do Sherwin Williams warranty claims work?

If your Sherwin-Williams product peels or blisters during your lifetime in your home, you may file a warranty claim.

In this claim, you must provide proof of sale to the store where you bought the product. Sherwin-Williams will then provide enough replacement product to repair the defective area or a refund for that amount.

If you have Sherwin-Williams paint applied by a professional or private contractor, you may need to provide proof of purchase to that contractor for them to file a claim. 


What happens if you need to file a claim for your Sherwin-Williams product? 

If you are experiencing an issue like peeling or blistering with your paint that falls under the warranty, you can file a claim.

With Southwest Exteriors, we will handle all warranty claims for you if your Sherwin-Williams product was installed by us. If you notice a problem with your exterior paint, contact us, and a project manager will come and inspect the area. 

Our lifetime service warranty covers any problems you may experience for as long as you live in your home. This includes the cost of labor and installation. 

We know the importance of having a trustworthy relationship with your contractor. This is why we strive to serve you with compassion and excellence, even after your project is complete.

Depending on the degree of damage of any peeling or blistering on your exterior paint, you may need to consider an entire exterior repaint.

Want to learn more about whether or not you should have your exterior paint repaired or siding repainted? Check out this article about how long exterior paint typically lasts and when and why you should upkeep your paint.


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