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Should I Care About Angie’s List for Home Remodeling Contractors?

October 18th, 2012 | 3 min. read

Should I Care About Angie’s List for Home Remodeling Contractors?

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Angie's List Review UsI’m sure you’ve seen the television commercials for Angie’s List before, as well as their other forms of advertisement. What is so special about this service, and what are the benefits to being a member?

Well, when it comes to products and services, there are a lot to choose from, and the task of selecting the right company for the job can be daunting. If your next project involves home remodeling, Angie’s List is a great third-party resource to give you the information you need to make the right contractor selection.

  • Opinion – I haven’t come across a single contractor that didn’t believe they were the best at what they did.  You need someone else with an unbiased viewpoint to tell you whether or not that is the case, and previous clients are the perfect sources for that.
  • Truth – Angie’s List is vigilant about rooting out fictitious and self-initiated reviews by contractors.  They even periodically censure or even ban companies from listing on their site when they determine such.  You can trust what you find there in terms of reviews.
  • Community – Leveraging the value of the information age, you can hear from a virtual community of folks who can share their experience with the contractor you are considering.  I know different people who consider the same restaurant one of the best and worst of all the restaurants they know.  It is all about opinion.  The more you have, the better you can determine the truth or what would be the best decision for you.
  • Experience – Reviews are differentiated, with those of consumers actually using the contract being weighted differently. There is really no practical value in hearsay. Hear from the folks who actually experienced the contractor’s work.
  • Transparency – The rascals can no longer hide.  Turn on the lights and watch the rats scurry for cover.  It is no longer possible to handle your business in an inappropriate way and expect to stay in business.
  • Coaching – Angie’s List strongly encourages contractors to respond to both positive and negative reviews.  The collaborative process of reading and responding to reviews helps contractors progressively improve their businesses by providing an open and clear channel to hear the truth about customer experiences.  We all win.
Membership fees for Angie’s List start out around $29 a year ( click here to see the different plan options). While it may seem counterproductive to pay money to receive reviews when there is so much free information on companies available, you can see how these reviews are qualitatively more valuable.  Anyone who has ever been taken advantage of by a home contractor, or knows someone who has (which I would guess is everyone), can easily see how this is a very reasonable price to pay to avoid a much more costly bad experience.


If you have more questions about how Angie’s List works, you can visit their website at As a member, you can also see Southwest Exteriors’ reviews on Angie’s List here if you’d like to find out what our previous clients think about their experience with us. For any other questions or comments, please post a comment below or contact us directly. get-a-quote