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Window Replacements

Southwest Exteriors: Replacement Windows Reviews

October 31st, 2017 | 2 min. read

Southwest Exteriors: Replacement Windows Reviews

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We’ve done a lot of replacement windows during our time in this business, and we’ve worked with hundreds of clients over the years. Fortunately, thanks to our dedication to service and our expertise in the industry, most of those clients have walked away pleased—even ecstatic, in some cases.

The Reviews Say It All

Nothing is better than hearing from those clients—getting feedback on our products, our team members and our service. Not only does it make us incredibly proud of what we do, but it also drives us to keep serving Texas homeowners day in and day out.

Take this review, for example. From past customer Joan Heinen, it shows us the power of customer service:Every step of the way there was a phone call. Every rain delay I got a contact. It was just wonderful. They treated my home as if it was their home. They were not intrusive. They did their job, cleaned up and were very pleasant people.” Wayne and Rebecca Whittier said something similar, sharing, “ I don’t think I can recall ever being treated so professionally! A total class act from front to back. I have never encountered a company that is operated with such a can-do attitude and care for their customer.” Another review from Jack and Laura Compton shed light on just how important ROI is to our clients: “Our house is now the standout home on our block. We were especially pleased when our higher home appraisal during re-financing came out paying for the cost of the renovation (and then some).” Kathryn Simons had a similar story to tell, saying, “ We also wanted to mention that since the renovation, our electric bill is the lowest we’ve ever had. We feel this is directly related to the new exterior.” Customers have also written to us about our quality products: Evon Tindol said “ It looks as good today as it did the day you finished! Every day we admire the workmanship and beauty. It has entirely changed the way our home looks, and we are so proud of it now. I’m sure it has increased the home’s value.” Get More Feedback

See more past customer feedback on our testimonials page, call us at 210-485-1682, or schedule a free consultation to experience our customer service for yourself.