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The 4 C’s of a Great Home Improvement Experience

February 11th, 2014 | 3 min. read

The 4 C’s of a Great Home Improvement Experience

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Southwest Exteriors San Antonio TX Siding Window Door Replacement Contractor Southwest Exteriors Clients Doc and Eileen, Windcrest neighborhood

At Southwest Exteriors, one of our top priorities is to achieve excellence in client care.  To help with this goal, we have used client surveys, conducted by an independent third party called Guild Quality, to study the specific things we have done in the past to make clients feel loved and cared for during their siding or window projects.  When analyzing the responses, we found that clients’ happiness repeatedly narrowed down to four main ‘C’ words: communication, caring, cleanliness, and craftsmanship.


The first ‘C’ in our Client Care is COMMUNICATION.  Clear and consistent communication is vital to any home improvement project.  Homeowners like the feeling of having someone always available to respond to questions or concerns as they come up.  For our clients, feeling loved and cared for during their home improvement project narrowed down to some of the following specifics:
  • Responding to questions quickly and answering all of them
  • Having a clear, detailed plan for the project
  • Taking time to frequently follow up and see if there are any new concerns


CARING is the second but equally important factor in making clients feel loved and cared for during large projects like replacing windows, doors, or siding.  When the crew members are compassionate towards the family and notice what needs to be done for the care and comfort of their clients, the experience is most positive. Our clients mentioned that they appreciated it when workers took care of them in the following ways:
  • Treated homeowner like friends or family
  • Were kind and polite, and especially attentive to children and animals
  • Kept the client’s true needs at heart
  • Showed that they were flexible
  • Did extra little things like changing a light bulb that was hard to reach
  • Were considerate of the client’s time


Thirdly, an important ‘C’ for working in someone’s home is CLEANLINESS.  Large home improvement projects tend to be messy, but we have skilled workers who are very good at keeping dirt and debris from spreading, along with cleaning up the job site at the end of every day. Homeowners felt that they were pleased with how clean our crew members kept the job site when they were:
  • Careful to respect the property
  • Treated the client’s house like their own home
  • Left without a trace, often leaving surrounding areas of the home in better condition than they found it


Our final element of great client service, also beginning with the letter C, is CRAFTMANSHIP.  It is the foundation for all of these other components of a great experience; after all, it is the chief reason that our clients were looking to hire a professional contractor in the first place for their project. Comments that were left in the surveys indicated these common threads related to craftsmanship:
  • Professional skills honed by years of experience
  • Attention to detail with precision
  • Taking pride in doing the job well and loving what they do
  • Ability to demonstrate and review how the completed project is done properly
  • Willing to make changes if the homeowner is not fully satisfied


The four ‘C’s are the reassurance that we have been able to give clients throughout the 25 years we’ve been in business. Whether it’s the comfort of being able to take time to decide the right paint color, or the knowledge that your home will always be left in better condition than before the project began, our desire is that our Southwest Exteriors clients have complete confidence that we will deliver the best home improvement experience they have ever had.