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The 4 C’s of a Great Home Improvement Experience - Caring

March 20th, 2014 | 3 min. read

The 4 C’s of a Great Home Improvement Experience - Caring

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Southwest Exteriors Client Appreciation Caring Compassion Courtesy San Antonio TXWe’ve been talking about The 4 C’s of a Great Home Improvement Experience based on the specific comments our clients shared in the third-party survey they completed at the close of their project with us.

One of the questions they answered is how the people at Southwest Exteriors made them feel loved and cared for. The 4 categories that their responses fell into were Communication, Caring, Cleanliness, and Craftsmanship. In our previous article, we shared several of their comments that related to how their experience was made pleasant through clear and consistent communication. Right now we want to discuss the second category of showing our clients how much we care about them and their home. Here are some examples of the words of actual Southwest Exteriors clients:

Treated homeowner like friends or family

There is no better feeling than to work with someone you feel like you’ve known for a long time.  Clients mentioned ways that Southwest Exteriors team members were personable and showed them respect:

“[They were] more like a friend we have known for a long time than just another business person.”

”Showed good humor”

“Genuinely personable staff”

“Made you feel like you were talking to a friend”

“I felt safe enough to have them in my home when I was not here.”

“Made me feel like the project was not just another job”


Did something a little extra

Many time, it’s the little things that matter. If something comes up, like a wasp or ant colony in the siding or window, Southwest Exteriors doesn’t mind taking care of it.  Some other examples customers noted were:

“Brought flowers to my wife when she found that she was feeling bad”

“Took a few extra minutes of their time to put in a couple of light bulbs burned out in the ceiling as I was unable to do it.”

“They seemed to go out of their way.”

“Every person on the team spoke with me.”


Were kind and polite

Common courtesy is a non-negotiable for us:

“All of the people treated me with kindness.”

“They made me feel comfortable.”

“They loved my dog as well and that is not always easy to do.”

“Well mannered”

“They were very polite.”

“Were gracious people”

“Did not pressure us”

“We had a pleasant balance between personal conversation and business conversation.”


Kept customer’s true needs at heart

In the end, it’s the clients’ real needs that have to be addressed to make them feel loved and cared for. 

“I never felt they had anything but our best interests at heart.”

“Made us feel like we were a priority”

“I never felt like I was steered to choose what would be best or easiest for them.”

“They listened to my thoughts, and if they respectfully disagreed they would explain why.”

“Cared about us in discussions and in how they set expectations and lived up to those expectations.”

“They showed genuine interest in what I had to say.”


Were considerate of clients’ time

Sometimes, time is what matters the most.  Clients confirmed on their surveys how important this is to them:

“Showed concern for our schedule”

“Very considerate of our time and our space”

“Flexible with the installation date.”

“Allowed us time to make decisions we needed to make”

“Very giving of their time”


Trustworthy contractors need to be especially considerate during large window, door, and siding projects.  They notice what needs to be done for the security and comfort of their clients and show more than just common courtesy. Doing so is a critical component to our Ultimate Client Experience of meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

In our next article, we’ll share our clients’ responses that fell into the category of Cleanliness.