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The 4 C’s of a Great Home Improvement Experience - CLEANLINESS

March 27th, 2014 | 2 min. read

The 4 C’s of a Great Home Improvement Experience - CLEANLINESS

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Southwest Exteriors San Antonio Texas Window ReplacementWe’re continuing our series of The 4 C’s of a Great Home Improvement Experience, based on our clients’ responses to this third-party survey question we ask them at the close of every job: “How did the people of Southwest Exteriors make you feel loved and cared for during your project?” The first two ‘C’ categories their answers fell in were COMMUNICATION and CARING. The third category that we discovered was CLEANLINESS—very important to maintain when working in someone’s home.  Some homeowners are very afraid of the potential untidiness of a large home improvement project, while others have no idea how messy it really can be. Our skilled installers work very hard to keep our clients’ homes as clean as possible when replacing their windows, siding, or doors. This includes spreading drop cloths inside to catch dirt and debris, removing the window glass in large pieces to keep from shattering, and thoroughly cleaning up at the end of the day and the end of the job. Clients noted several ways that they felt loved and cared for when their homes were kept clean during projects:

Careful to respect the property

Making improvements to your home does no good if something is damaged in the process.

“They had respect for the way I needed to do things in the house and worked around me.”

“Respect for our home and furnishings.”

“Took great pains to make sure that there was no damage to any part of the area where they were installing”

“They're very careful about everything they do.”


Treated the client’s house like our own home

Installers and Project Managers truly want what is best for their clients’ homes.

“They treated my house like their house.”

“Made this huge project a bit easier to face and go through.”


Southwest Exteriors San Antonio Texas window replacement projectLeft without a trace, often leaving surrounding areas of the home in better condition than we found it

Southwest Exteriors has been known to fix little extra things that come up, even if they aren’t directly related to the initial project.

“They insured our house was well taken care of and left in excellent shape.”

“Didn't leave a trace of mess.”


Since the issue of cleanliness is often the biggest concern for homeowners, we want all our clients to know that we will do our utmost to minimize the mess, prevent any damage, and leave their house cleaner than we found it. We have seen time and time again that it makes such an impact in the quality of their experience with us and helps them feel comfortable referring us to family and friends.

We’re about to wrap up this series, and our final article deals with the area of Craftsmanship.