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The 4 C’s of a Great Home Improvement Experience - CRAFTSMANSHIP

April 8th, 2014 | 3 min. read

The 4 C’s of a Great Home Improvement Experience - CRAFTSMANSHIP

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Southwest Exteriors Window Replacement San Antonio TXThis brings us to the conclusion of our blog series on The 4 C’s of a Great Home Improvement Experience. When Guild Quality, our independent third-party survey company, asked our clients how the people at Southwest Exteriors made them feel loved and cared for during their home improvement project, their responses to that question gave us valuable insight into the major factors that contributed to their enjoyment of the whole experience.

We talked about the first three categories of COMMUNICATION, CARING, and CLEANLINESS, and this article will focus on the final ‘C’ in the list— CRAFTMANSHIP.  Quality of work is truly the foundation for all other components of a great customer experience.  Here are some specific details of Craftsmanship that our clients mentioned:

Attention to detail with precision

Homeowners definitely notice a sloppy job!  That is why our goal is to meet or exceed our clients’ expectation with professional quality of work:

“They have the expertise to figure out solutions to things that pop up during the job.”

“Attended to every detail”

“Very quality oriented”


Workers take pride in doing the job well and love what they do

Our workers specialize in windows, doors, or siding; it’s not just a job to them.

“They voluntarily did the best job on every issue.”

“They even stayed late a couple of times.”

“Really knew their product and had a lot of faith in its quality.”

“Long-time professional workmen”

“Everyone had a superlative work ethic”


Able to demonstrate and review how the completed project is done properly

Installers and the project managers love to show how to work and clean the new windows, siding, or doors.  We even have a third-party siding inspector run a final inspection to approve the installation of the siding to ensure that the client’s warranty is validated.

“The project was checked immediately upon its completion.”

“Everything was done with the goal of meeting or going over expectations.”

“They were attending to the fine tuning of the installation.”


Willing to make changes if the homeowner is not fully satisfied

When something doesn’t quite look right, we will go the extra mile to make it meet the client’s expectations.  Our clients mentioned the following:

“Corrected any mistakes without quibble”

“Went the extra mile to accommodate our requests”

“Made sure we were happy with the results.”

“Made sure everything was done to our satisfaction”

“Cared whether we were happy with their services.”

“They told me that if I made a bad color choice that they would fix it.”


The truth of the matter is that an expert level of craftsmanship is the most important reason people pay a professional to complete a project for them; therefore, it is of utmost importance to us that we deliver that quality of work every time. Our installers are highly skilled in their craft, several of them have been with us for many years, and their time is completely devoted to projects within their field of specialization. They personally care very much that the clients are more than pleased with their work, and as a result, our clients are constantly blown away by the skill and expertise each crew member exhibits on the job. We love reading their comments on their surveys about how much they love the finished product!

So should you need a contractor for a replacement window, siding, or door project at your home, we hope to earn your trust and confidence that we would give you the best home improvement experience you’ve ever had!