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Top 10 Ways to Decorate Your Door For Halloween and Fall in 2022

September 28th, 2023 | 11 min. read

Top 10 Ways to Decorate Your Door For Halloween and Fall in 2022

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Gone are the days of 100-degree heat, swimming in humidity, and dripping sweat as soon as you walk out your front door. 

Fall is near. You start to feel the first crisp Autumn breezes blow across the dew droplets in your front yard. As the leaves start to change and fall to the ground, you think to yourself, “It’s time to get in the Holiday spirit!” 

What’s the best way to get in the fall and Halloween spirit? By decorating, of course!

Decorating your front door is one of the easiest and most fun ways to add some holiday spice to your home without feeling like you have to spend hours of effort for a holiday that only lasts so long. 

Here, we’re going to outline 10 ideas to decorate your front door for Halloween and Fall. We’ll split this article into quick and easy inspiration and other ideas for the more crafty homeowner. 

After reading, you’ll be ready to turn on some ghoulish tunes and get to decorating!



6 Simple Front Door Halloween and Fall Decorations 


You like to keep it simple. You’d rather buy some supplies at the store without having to assemble anything. Maybe crafting and DIY projects aren’t really your thing, but you still want to decorate for the holiday. 

We’ve got you. 

Here are 6 simple front door Halloween and Fall decoration ideas that will take no time at all (and won’t break the bank either). 

  1. Hanging a seasonal wreath, signs, or door mats
  2. Outlining your front door with seasonal garland or string lights
  3. Surrounding your front door with pumpkins, gourds, and hay bales
  4. Adding some holiday stickies to your front door and transom windows 
  5. Hanging a Halloween-themed door decal
  6. Placing some spooky buddies to ward off unwanted guests


1. Hang a seasonal wreath, signs, or door mats

One of the easiest ways to add some Holiday spirit to your front door is by adding a seasonal wreath, fun signs, or a decorative door mat. 

You can find one of these three items at nearly any home goods or craft store, such as Target, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or Home Goods

It doesn’t come any easier than buying a decoration and hanging or placing it right in front of your door. 

Wreath from Wayfair

Sign from Amazon

Door mat from Walmart


2. Outline your front door with seasonal garland or string lights

Another simple Halloween door decoration is hanging string lights, themed lights, or seasonal garland around your front door. 

Want a classic, sleek, and traditional look for your door? Try some orange and white string lights with some leaf-like garland. Want something a little more spooky? Find some lights with skulls, pumpkins, or ghosts and pair them with some purple and black tinsel for your entryway. 

You can find simple and fun themed lights and garlands at many home and craft stores, as well. 

Garland from Ashley Furniture 


3. Surround your front door with pumpkins, gourds, and hay bales

If you want to keep your home looking seasonal from September through November, decorating around your front door with classic fall staples, like pumpkins, gourds, and hay bales will keep your home in spirit all Autumn long. 

Don’t feel like going to a craft store to find your seasonal decorations? You can find almost all of these items at your local grocery store, though you may need to stop by an agricultural feed store for some authentic hay. 


4. Add some holiday stickies to your front door and transom windows 

One fun, simple, and NOT messy way to get your kids involved in decorating is sticking some Halloween and Fall-themed sticky shapes on your door and transom windows surrounding your front door. 

These stickies are popularly used in classrooms but are just as fun to add to your home around your front door. 

Stickers from Party City 


5. Hang a Halloween-themed door decal

Are small, Halloween-shaped window stickies not dramatic enough for your entryway but still want something that’s easy to put up? Full door decals are a fun way to add some customizations to your front door, and you have a wide range of options to choose from, whether you want a more spooky and frightening front door or something fun and festive for all ages. 

These door decals are inexpensive and easy to install, so your door will be ready for trick-or-treaters in no time at all. 

Door sticker from Wall-Ah


6. Place some spooky buddies to ward off unwanted guests

The last simple fall decor idea on our Top 10 list also allows you to make your front door as scary as can be or keep it classic and kid-friendly. 

Placing some silly scarecrows or perfectly-posed skeletons playing poker will add some holiday humor to your home. 

If you want your home to be more like a haunted house, stores like Spirit Halloween and Home Depot have numerous options for life-size figurines and animatronics that are sure to ward off any unwanted guests. 

Photo credit to Rhythms of Play


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4 DIY Front Door Halloween and Fall Decorations


There’s nothing wrong with purchasing your Halloween and Fall decorations, but you want to take it to the next level. You’re not afraid to get your hands dirty and spend a little more time making your decorations unique. 

Here are 4 DIY front door Halloween and Fall decoration ideas that will let you add some personal flair to your entryway. 


  1. Making your own fall wreath
  2. Carving your own Jack-O-Lanterns or painting pumpkins
  3. Turning your door into a silly monster
  4. Creating a light-up Jack-O-Lantern totem pole


1. Make your own fall wreath     

Buying a wreath from the store just isn’t enough for you. You want to make something unique to you that you’ll be proud to welcome guests at your door. 

Making your own fall wreath is a simple yet crafty way to let your creative spirit out. You can buy paper or styrofoam rounds for the wreath base at any craft store as well as all the supplies you need. 

Start with ribbon, garland, or tulle for your wreath base by wrapping it around the round. Then, you can use hot glue to add on your favorite Halloween or Fall items, like pumpkins, skeletons, coffins, bats, cats, scarecrows…the options are endless!

Photo credit to Busy Creating Memories



2. Carve your own Jack-O-Lanterns or paint pumpkins

One of the easiest DIY front door decorations for Halloween is carving your own Jack-O-Lanterns! Not only is this a traditional Halloween activity, but you’re able to light up your creation for trick-or-treaters to see all season long. 

Don’t want the kiddos messing with a sharp object? Painting pumpkins is another fun way to turn an ordinary gourd into a scary cool decoration. 

This DIY decoration is an activity for the whole family to enjoy!



3. Turn your door into a silly monster or character

Want to make your entryway look like the entrance to a haunted house? Turn your door into a scary monster or Halloween character!

Get creative using cardstock, wrapping paper, pipe cleaners, feather boas, or really any crafting supplies you can find to bring your door to life. 

Check out some of this inspiration for different ways you can bring your door to life. 

Photo credit to DIY & Crafts


4. Create a light-up Jack-O-Lantern totem pole

One other way to light up your front door during Halloween is by building your own Jack-O-Lantern totem pole. 

This DIY craft needs a wooden base, a wood or metal rod (about 4 ft.), string lights, and four to five Jack-O-Lantern buckets. 

All you have to do is attach the wooden or metal rod to the base, either by nailing or with wood glue, and wrap the string lights up and around the rod, leaving enough room to reach a plug at the bottom. Then, you’ll want to cut the bottoms of each Jack-O-Lantern bucket to stack them up the pole. 

And…that’s it!

If you really want to ensure no Jack turns its head, you can go around each base of the buckets with some glue to keep them all together. Bonus points if you add a witches hat on top of the totem!

Photo credit to Scratch and Stitch



Ready to get in the Halloween spirit? 

Now that you know ten simple and DIY ways to decorate your door for Halloween and Fall, your home will be ready for trick-or-treating and Thanksgiving celebrations! 

Do you have a fun door decoration we didn’t include in this article that you love? Leave us a comment to let us know, and send over your door decorations to to be featured on our social media! 


(P.S. If you notice problems with your front door while your decorating, Southwest Exteriors is here to help. Learn more about our door replacements and schedule your FREE consultation to get your door ready for the holidays.)


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