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Top 4 Benefits Of Replacing Soffit And Fascia With Siding

May 18th, 2023 | 5 min. read

Top 4 Benefits Of Replacing Soffit And Fascia With Siding

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Replacing your exterior siding is one of the largest exterior remodeling projects to take on. Not only is it a large investment, but it takes a certain amount of time, energy, and effort on your part. 

Because of this, it’s understandable that you may be looking for ways to cut the cost of your project. 

When it comes to upgrades or additions, you may consider, “Do I really need this? Is it worth it? Will this benefit my home in any way?” These questions are most popularly asked about replacing the soffit and fascia with your siding. 

Soffit and fascia replacement are popular with most siding replacement projects. Some may consider it a part of their roofing. But most high-quality siding contractors will also replace the soffit and fascia. 

As a San Antonio siding replacement company since 1989, Southwest Exteriors has helped thousands of homeowners transform their exteriors with James Hardie siding, soffit, fascia, and other fiber cement products. 

In most cases, we recommend replacing your soffit and fascia with your siding. Chances are, if your siding needs replacing, your soffit and fascia are also due for an upgrade. 

However, we understand you may be wondering…why? You want to know the benefits of replacing your soffit and fascia with siding. Then, you can better understand what you’ll get from your project. 


Why You Should Replace Soffit And Fascia With Exterior Siding (4 Benefits)

Before moving forward with your siding project, you need to do a little more research about the benefits of replacing your soffit and fascia. 

No matter the stage of readiness you are in, you want to have all the information you need to make the best decisions for your home. 


1. Improved Quality Of Soffit and Fascia 

The first and largest benefit of replacing your soffit and fascia with siding is improved quality. This overall enhances the quality of your exterior. 

If you notice visible damage, deterioration, or rotting on your siding, there is most likely damage to your soffit and fascia. Damage could be due to old age, extreme weathering, or other incidents. This is why inspecting your entire home’s exterior is crucial when considering a siding replacement. 

Any untreated exterior damage will only worsen over time, costing you more in the future. 

Including a soffit and fascia replacement with your siding is also beneficial if the products are made of the same material. This ensures the quality of your siding, soffit, and fascia are all the same, so they will have the same benefits for your home. 

Replacing your soffit, fascia, siding, and any other exterior areas all at once will guarantee your entire exterior is updated with quality products that work together to protect your home for years.  


2. Added Longevity Of Your Entire Exterior

One of the many benefits of upgrading any part of your home is the added longevity that comes with the newer quality and technology of newer products. 

Like the difference in the quality of old soffit and fascia compared to newer siding, there will be a difference in longevity. 

If you replace your siding and not the soffit and fascia, then you are left with outdated and possibly damaged products paired with brand-new ones. This will lead you to most likely need soffit and fascia replacement within the next few years. 

Combining soffit and fascia replacement with your exterior siding replacement will ensure your entire exterior is protected with high-quality products that will last for decades on your home. 


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3. Lower Costs For The Overall Project

Something every homeowner thinks about with any remodeling project is the cost. No one wants to spend more than they have to. This is why combining your soffit and fascia replacement with your siding will save money in the long run. 

When you work with a professional contractor for your siding project, there are certain costs associated with labor, installation, delivery, services, and much more. These costs are necessary for the business to run and serve you as best as possible. 

Think about the service and labor fees that are needed for every project contracted. 

Separating your soffit and fascia replacement from your siding replacement will result in higher costs for labor, installation, and services because you are contracting two projects as opposed to one. 

While, yes, replacing the soffit and fascia is technically a separate project, it will cost the company less to combine labor and material costs one time than two or three times. This will lower your costs for labor and installation for the entire project. 


4. Elevated Exterior Aesthetics And Curb Appeal

Perhaps the greatest benefit of replacing your soffit and fascia with your siding is the overall elevation of your home’s aesthetics and increased curb appeal. 

Think about this. If you replace your siding with new, bright siding that completely transforms your exterior but have an old, outdated front door, wouldn’t it stick out and bring down the curb appeal of your home? 

New soffit and fascia may not be as exciting as a new front door, but it still brings aesthetic value to your home. 

With matching soffit, fascia, and siding, your home will have an elevated look, protect your home, and last. 


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Why You Should Replace Your Soffit And Fascia With Siding

Now you know the top four benefits of replacing your soffit, fascia, and siding at the same time. You can then move forward with your project and find the right solution for your home. 

If you’re looking to replace your home’s siding, chances are your soffit and fascia are due for a replacement as well. 

Replacing your soffit and fascia at the same time as your siding will…

  • Improve the quality of your home’s exterior
  • Increase the longevity of your exterior
  • Save projects costs in labor and services
  • Elevate your home’s aesthetic value and curb appeal

A high-quality exterior siding project will ensure your home is protected from external elements and will last for decades. 

If you’re still wondering whether or not a soffit and fascia replacement is worth including in your project, check out this article that outlines five questions to consider so you can make the best decisions for your home and have a successful exterior project. 


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Our installation crews are expertly trained on Hardie’s best practices to ensure your new siding is installed properly and will last. On top of that, your home is protected by our warranty for as long as you own your home. 

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