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Window Replacements

Trust Southwest Exteriors for the Best Replacement Windows

October 5th, 2017 | 1 min. read

Trust Southwest Exteriors for the Best Replacement Windows

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Southwest Exteriors has the best replacement windows on the market. We also offer skilled installation, superior customer service, and affordable pricing. In this post we'd like to discuss some of the major types of replacement windows available for the modern home. Each offers its own unique advantages.

Picture Windows

Do you have a great view of the woodlands, the Gulf Coast, or the Texas Hill Country? If so, consider installing a picture window in your home. These products are designed to let you enjoy the splendor of nature inside climate-controlled comfort. Typically, they're oversized and designed to remain shut for the life of the window. They have no cross frames or other features to impede your view of the outdoors.

Bay/Bow Windows

These are similar to picture windows in that they're designed with outdoor views in mind. However, bay/bow windows usually have cross frames and cranks that allow the homeowner to open individual sections of the window. They're great for letting in a little fresh air every now and then while maintaining a comfortable indoor environment.

Specialty Windows

This term refers to windows designed primarily as decorative accents to a home. They can be round, rectangular, pentagonal, or any other imaginable shape. They're usually custom-made and can take a little longer to install. However, they're a great way to give your home a touch of distinctive beauty.

Casement Windows

These windows include hinges on the frames that allow the homeowner to swing the window open. They may open to the outside, the inside, or both. They're a perfect way to get a natural breeze blowing through your home without the need for air conditioning. This feature is perfect for cool evenings.

Call Southwest Exteriors at 210-485-1682 today to find out more about the best replacement windows or to get a free quote.