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Concrete Coating

[VIDEO] Kool Deck vs. Penntek Industrial Coatings

November 30th, 2022 | 1 min. read

[VIDEO] Kool Deck vs. Penntek Industrial Coatings

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This video, will provide an unbiased and honest comparison of Kool Deck and Penntek’s polyurea concrete coatings in their cost, performance, design and look, installation, and how long they last. By the end, you’ll know more about Kool Deck and polyurea concrete coatings so you can decide which type of concrete coating is right for your pool.

00:00 Introduction
00:51 How Much Does Kool Deck Cost?
01:14 How Much Does Penntek Cost?
01:29 How Durable is Kool Deck?
02:16 How Durable is Penntek?
03:02 How is Kool Deck Installed?
03:36 How is Penntek Installed?
04:20 What Kool Deck Design Options Are There?
04:37 What Penntek Design Options Are There?
04:57 What is the Kool Deck Warranty?
05:16 What is the Penntek Warranty?
05:39 Kool Deck vs Penntek

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