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Vistamark Window Review: The best window for high quality and affordability

September 14th, 2021 | 10 min. read

Vistamark Window Review: The best window for high quality and affordability

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Lately, you’ve noticed some fogginess in your dining room windows. After trying to clean them on the inside and out, you realize the fog is stuck between the panes, obstructing your view out of them. 

Maybe you noticed the seal coming up around your window, allowing water to come in from the exterior. 

As you begin your search for replacement windows, it’s tough to know what to look for. Vinyl, fiberglass, clad, oh my! 

Finally, you stumble on Vistamark windows and get that spark of excitement in your stomach. These windows seem like they might be the right ones for you.

Whether your current windows have some irreparable damage or you’re just looking for an upgrade, finding the right replacement window can be tricky. 

When looking on window company websites, you feel like it’s all one big advertisement. You want to know what real consumers think about the window you’re interested in. 

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Southwest Exteriors has been a window replacement contractor in San Antonio for over 30 years. The windows we offer have been carefully selected to provide you with the top-of-the-line products out there. 

While we offer Vistamark windows, we want to provide you with an unbiased, honest review of their features and performance. We know that it may or may not be the right window for you, and do not try to push you one way or another. 

This article will review the Vistamark window in design capabilities, how it operates, the functionality, energy efficiency, and warranty. 

After reading, you will know all about this window and determine if it is the type of window you are looking for. 

About Vistamark Windows

Vistamark was founded in 2014 and is based in Waxahachie, Texas. They’re windows are made by Texans for Texans, so you know they can withstand the harsh Southern climate. 

The company operates off of four core values: safety, quality, productivity, and reliability. They are a customer-centric company that consistently works with you in mind. They work to constantly innovate and improve their products to provide the most efficient and quality windows. 

Their window series consists of three styles of vinyl windows made with high-performing PVC vinyl and Cardinal glass. 

Reviewing Vistamark windows: what are they made of, and what can I customize?

What a window is made of is the most important quality to look at when shopping for replacement windows. The material of a window will tell you about its durability and longevity. 

Along with the material composition, you want to know that a window will have the design and customization options that you want. 

We’ll dive into what Vistamark windows are made of and what this means in terms of durability. Then, we will break down each design element of the window, so you know the options available. 

What are Vistamark windows made of? 

The Vistamark window is designed for peak energy performance. The frames are made of vinyl from Deceuninck, a manufacturer that specializes in energy-efficient and durable vinyl. 

Deceuninck vinyl is some of the highest performing vinyl on the market. They are made to withstand harsh weather without bending, misshaping, or breaking. 

The frame and sash are made from one piece to minimize any water infiltration between cracks. They are also made with a spacer system around the frame to provide higher insulation and limit the amount of heat that the frame absorbs. 

The window glass is Cool Pane Cardinal glass that is filled with argon gas. The argon gas between panes adds to the window’s insulation, and the glass has a low transmissivity of UV rays and heat. 

Overall, the Vistamark window is highly durable for homes that undergo harsh climates and will last with minimal wear. If you are looking for a standard window that will last, this window may be the right one for you. 

What can I customize with Vistamark windows?

Just as the durability of a window is important, the look of your window is the second-largest thing to consider when shopping for replacement windows. 

Here we will break down each customizable component of the window, so you know every option available to you. 

Window shape options

11 standard window shape options are available, like circular, triangular, or geometric such as trapezoidal and hexagonal. 

The windows also come in three different styles: picture, single-hung, and slider. Picture windows do not open or operate. Single-hung windows have one sash that you can move up and down. Slider windows are longer, horizontal windows that have a sash sliding from left to right to open. 

Color and finish options

There are five standard color coating options for the frame of your window: white, clay, almond, bronze, and black. 

With these finishes, you can also paint the exterior of the frame any color you like. However, the bronze and black finish are not available if you want the exterior painted. 

Hardware options

Vistamark windows come with a standard cam lock that moves from right to left to lock and unlock. There are three other added hardware options for the windows. 

A standard night latch can be added along the sides of the window that will restrict the movement of the sash for added safety. Child safety latches are also available for the same function. 

Finally, weep whole are added to each side of the bottom of the window. A weep hole is a small slit on the bottom of window frames that allows any water to pass through and drain out. These are essential elements to a window to protect against water infiltration, buildup, and rot. 

Grille patterns

The grille pattern of the window is the design of dividing the window. There are three different grille patterns for the Vistamark window: colonial, gothic, and prairie. 

  • Colonial is the most traditional, with the top and bottom sash divided into six equal squares. 

  • Gothic is an extravagant pattern for curved windows where the bottom is divided into equal squares, and the curve top has stems similar to a flower. 

  • Prairie has one divider along all four sides of the sash a few inches from the side. Where they intersect creates a small square at each corner of the sash. 

The grilles can either be a simulated divided light, where the grill is outside of the window to create the look of divided panes or grille between the glass. That style refers to the grille dividers in between the panes of the glass. 

The downside of customization with Vistamark windows

Overall, Vistamark provides many options for you to design your window to your liking. However, there are some limitations to what they offer. This means if you want to customize your window to your exact vision, Vistamark may not be able to give you the look you want. 

If you are looking for a classic, high-performing window and aren’t looking for anything too fancy, then Vistamark may be the right window for you. 

What features do Vistamark windows offer?

Knowing how a window operates and functions is important to know that the window will move how you want it to. 

Vistamark windows only come with one movable sash, whether single-hung or slider. The lower sash of a single-hung window does have a tilt function, allowing you to unlatch the top and tilt the window inwards. 

This function is extremely helpful to clean the outside of your windows. Simply tilt the sash in, and you can easily reach outside the window to clean the top half of the window as well. 

Slider windows do not have tilting ability, and picture windows cannot open at all. 

Single-hung windows are one of the most popular styles of windows. There is also an option for glass with added sound-proofing capabilities, so if you live on a busy street or have noisy neighbors, this window will help block that excess sound.

If you are looking for a simple-functioning window with extra ventilation and sound proofing, then Vistamark has the window for you. 

How energy efficient is the Vistamark window?

The durability and efficiency of your window are crucial to protecting your home. Energy efficiency can be a technical subject. However, it’s an important element for you to understand how it affects your interior temperature.

The energy efficiency of the window depends on the glass.Vistamark windows have argon-filled glass that helps insulate your home and improve energy efficiency. 

The Cardinal glass is also made to lower the amount of solar heat that penetrates through the glass. Before defining the exact energy ratings of this window, we must first define what the energy rating terms mean. 

UV Percentage

This measures the percentage of UV rays that penetrate through the window. The lower the UV percentage, the more UV rays come through, making your house warmer. UV rays are classified into three categories: UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C. 

According to the International Ultraviolet Association, “normal glass (as used in windows) is transparent to UV radiation to a wavelength of about 330 nanometers (nm) (UV-A),” allowing almost 100% of UV-A rays through the window. Below 330 nm will block UV-B and UV-C rays, which are more harmful.

Vistamark windows have a UV percentage of 4%.


This measures how well a window can insulate. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the U-Factor for windows generally ranges from 0.20 – 1.20.

The more your window can insulate, the better your house will keep heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer.

Vistamark windows have a U-Factor of 0.28.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)

This measures the amount of solar heat that comes through a window, ranging from 0 – 1. The U.S. Department of Energy’s consumer resource, Energy Saver, says the lower the SHGC, the less heat from the sun comes through a window, helping your home to stay cool during a hot summer (and fall and spring if you’re in Texas).

Vistamark windows have an SHGC rating of 0.24.

Air Infiltration Rating

This measures “how many cubic feet of air passes through a window per minute in relation to the size of the window,” according to a blog post by window manufacturer Marvin. They recommend that a window have numbers lower than 0.30 cubic feet per meter (cfm)/ft2.

Just like heat rays passing through a window, the air infiltration rating has to do with insulation. The better your window is insulated, the less air will come and go as it pleases into your home.

Vistamark windows have an air infiltration rating of 0.10. 

As you can see from the recommended ratings and what Vistamark windows are rated, these windows are incredibly energy efficient. They are going to stop excess heat from passing into your home and the outside air. 

What kind of warranty comes with Vistamark windows? 

Warranty is the final element to review for the Vistamark window. Understanding what is and is not included in your window warranty is key to know what is covered if something goes wrong. 

It is also key to know what the manufacturer will provide if you file a warranty claim. 

Vistamark offers a limited lifetime warranty for the homeowner. This states that, under regular use, all window components will be free from manufacturing defects for the product’s lifetime. This includes the insulated glass and mechanical hardware. 

This warranty is transferable one time. After the warranty transfer, the lifetime of the warranty is shortened to 10 years. 

Insulated glass breakage, improper installation, or damages from neglect, natural causes, or alterations are not covered. 

​​If your window stops working correctly due to a manufacturing defect, Vistamark will provide a new replacement part. You must provide a receipt of the product, such as a contract with the installation details or payment confirmation, or validation from Vistamark that the product was defective. 

Overall, Vistamark offers a very standard warranty for their windows. Most window manufacturers’ warranties have similar bounds, so the Vistamark warranty is of high quality. 

Our Verdict: The Vistamark window is the best high-quality window at an affordable price

After reviewing the material and durability, design capabilities, functionality, energy efficiency, and warranty, you can understand if this window is right for you. 

If designing a window to your exact specifications is most important to you, then this window may not be the one. However, the Vistamark window offers a wide array of options for frame color, shape, and grille pattern for the modern homeowner. 

If having an efficient window that is easy to operate, protects your home from exterior heat, and is built to last, then Vistamark might be right for you. 

At Southwest Exteriors, we want you to be thoroughly educated on all your options. We know that not every type of window is right for everyone, and it is important to provide you with detailed, honest information about these windows.

Knowing about the elements of a window is important for you to know if it will not only look the way you want but perform the way you need it to. 

As you're evaluating your options for replacement windows, you may be wondering what type of window is best for you, and how to choose one. Check out this article that compares vinyl and fiberglass windows in their durability, efficiency, and aesthetics.