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Window Replacements

Ways to Know If Your Window Replacement Was Poorly Installed

February 5th, 2015 | 1 min. read

Ways to Know If Your Window Replacement Was Poorly Installed

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You can tell a lot about a person from his house. With this in mind, you should be more conscious of the important components of your home, according to professional installers of windows in San Antonio, Southwest Exteriors. The thing is, windows are still prone to problems, and normally it begins in the installation process. Here are some ways to know if the windows in your home are not installed properly:

The first thing you have to do is to observe your windows. Stand near a closed window and see if there are things amiss. Ask yourself, is there a draft? If you feel a cool or hot breath of air touching your skin, then it is likely that the window installation was not done properly.

Another way to inspect the installation stability of your windows is to touch the glass. On a cold day, try to feel for cold air inside your home and if you do, then it only means that the glass is not properly insulating your home.

You should also do this on a warm day, particularly during the summer months. Go outside and feel the windows of your home. If you feel the coldness of the air conditioning slipping out of the windows, then that means that the installation was not correctly done.

You should definitely check the overall structure of your windows. Do they have cracks? Do you see light coming through the cracks? Do they open and close without a hitch? If the results prove to be positive for these problems, then it is most likely that you need to get your windows replaced—and it should be done by professionals.

Now that you know some of the common techniques of finding out if your windows were not installed properly, it is time to consult with the experts.Southwest Exteriors, with our team of trusted San Antonio replacement window professionals, will certainly help you out with your needs. Call us today to learn more about how we can maximize the beauty, energy efficiency, and value of your home.