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3 Ways Window Coverings Improve Home Energy Efficiency

July 3rd, 2023 | 6 min. read

3 Ways Window Coverings Improve Home Energy Efficiency

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Are you looking to upgrade your home’s interior? Want to improve the energy efficiency of your home? Chances are, you’re considering replacing or adding new window coverings to your home. 

One of the largest benefits of new window coverings is the elevated look it gives your home. But they also help block harmful UV rays and can help insulate your home, making it more energy efficient. 

So, if you’re interested in improving the efficiency of your home while also elevating its interior, you want to know if new coverings will give you the results you need. 

Blinded By Delight has offered high-quality window treatments from Hunter Douglas since 2004. Our top-notch products provide enhanced design, superior functionality, and protection from outside elements. 

If you’re considering replacing your window coverings, you want to know how they affect the efficiency of your home. 


How Energy-Efficient Window Coverings Improve Your Home  

Replacing your windows with energy-efficient windows is the number one way to improve the overall efficiency of your home. New windows help block harsh rays, protect your home, and provide insulation. 

But did you know new window coverings also enhance the efficiency of your existing windows and home? 

Energy-efficiency window coverings…

  • Block harmful UV and infrared rays from entering your home
  • Block sunlight and provide a cooler space 
  • Improve your home’s insulation

Here are how these three ways new coverings improve the efficiency of your home. 


1. Block Harmful UV And Infrared Rays

The first way new window coverings improve your home’s energy efficiency is by blocking harmful UV and infrared rays from coming into your home. 

New replacement windows can help block most UV and infrared rays with energy-efficient glass. Window coverings take the protection up a notch.

UV and infrared rays are harmful rays that produce heat and can damage your furniture and carpet, and even sunburn you and your pets

Blocking these rays will help regulate the internal temperature of your home. It also ensures nothing inside will be damaged by the sun and its rays.

Whether you choose classic composite blinds, cellular shades, and upscale draperies, the simple act of covering your windows helps decrease the penetration of these rays into your home. 


2. Block Sunlight And Sunheat From Entering Your Home

The second and most well-known way window coverings improve the energy efficiency of your home is by blocking sunlight and its heat. 

Compare window coverings to wearing a baseball cap. When you put on a hat, you provide shade and protection for your face from the sun, helping keep it cool and avoid sunburn. The same goes for window coverings in your home. 

When you pull down your blinds, you automatically block sunlight from coming into your home. This not only provides you relief from the blinding light but also blocks the extra heat from entering your home, which, in turn, keeps your home cooler and regulates the temperature. 

According to, “Window coverings can help with this loss of energy by providing comfort, regulating temperatures, and lowering energy bills.” 

They report about 76% of the sunlight that penetrates through standard double-pane windows turns into heat, making effective window coverings reduce that percentage and keep your home cooler.  

So, whether one room in your home just gets too much sun or you want to reduce the amount of heat entering your entire home, new window coverings will block sunlight and heat to protect your interior and keep you cool. 


3. Improve Home Insulation

The third and final major way new coverings improve the efficiency of your home is by providing insulation to your windows and your home. 

Let’s compare window coverings to another common clothing item, shall we? 

A window covering is like a warm jacket on a cold winter day. When you layer up, your body is better insulated, and your internal temperature is regulated. The same goes for your windows and your home. 

Through blocking harmful rays, sunlight, and heat, window coverings insulate your home, which helps keep your home at a comfortable temperature and allows you to use your heating and cooling system less. 

This is the largest way blinds, shutters, shades, and drapes improve the efficiency of your home and lower your energy costs.


Finding The Best Energy-Efficient Window Coverings For Your Home 

Now that you know three ways new window coverings improve the efficiency of your home, you’re ready to take the next step and find the right window treatment for you. 

High-quality window coverings provide your home with…

  • Protection from harmful UV and infrared rays
  • Blockage of sunlight and sun heat
  • Added insulation

Each of these qualities provides your home with protection and shade from solar rays and works together to keep your home cooler during the summer. 

The world of window coverings is vast and wide. From blinds to drapes, shutters to shades, every treatment has its own unique performance properties. 

Now, finding the right window covering for your home can be difficult. We understand. Blinded By Delight has helped thousands of homeowners transform their windows with energy-efficient, high-functioning, fabulous window treatments.

Explore our website to learn more about all types of window coverings, how they perform, what they look like, and so much more.  

Want to take a better look and learn more about high-quality window treatments? Schedule your commitment-free consultation today!