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Were My Windows Installed Correctly? 3 Things To Look At

August 12th, 2022 | 7 min. read

Were My Windows Installed Correctly? 3 Things To Look At

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When you pay for a service, you expect an even exchange. I pay for your product and service, and you provide it to me. 

Plain and simple, right? Well, this isn’t always the case. 

Mistakes happen, things fall through the cracks, and sometimes corners are cut. However, you never want these things to happen when installing your home’s brand-new windows.

Any opening in your home creates some vulnerability. Whether it’s your windows or your front door, if these openings aren’t sealing your home correctly, it will lead to many serious issues in the future. 

So, if you want to replace your home’s windows, you must ensure they are correctly installed. 

How do you do that? By knowing exactly what to look for in a proper window installation. 

Southwest Exteriors has been a window replacement contractor in San Antonio since 1989. We offer the highest quality windows that are installed by our expertly trained crews to ensure your windows will last as long as you own your home. 

Because we’ve been in this industry for so long, we’ve helped many homeowners who have had an unfortunate experience with some faulty window replacement companies. 

The contractor they worked with didn’t install their windows properly, and they knew it. 

We want to provide you with the right tools and information to know that your windows were installed correctly. 

This article will outline three key things to look for in a properly installed window, along with some questions to consider for each criterion. 

Whether you’re skeptical about installing your new windows or want to check out the new ones your neighbor just got, after reading this article, you’ll be able to inspect any window in any home and know if a contractor installed it correctly. 

3 key signs a window was installed properly

Installing a window properly requires many detailed steps. But, as a homeowner, you don’t necessarily need to understand every step required to properly install a window. 

To know if a window was installed correctly, you can look at three simple aspects of the window. 

  1. The form of the window
  2. The fit of the window
  3. The function of the window

By looking at each of these three things, you can easily inspect a replacement window and tell if it was installed correctly or not. 

Let’s dissect each of these deeper and list some questions to consider when looking at a window so you can accurately determine if a window was installed properly. 


1. The form of the window

The first thing you should look at when inspecting a window is the form of the window and how it fits in the opening. 

The form of the window mostly has to do with how the window was manufactured or formed. If a window is not manufactured properly, that will cause issues with the installation and how the window fits in your home. 

When looking at the form of the window, inspect the shape of the window. Something is wrong if a square or rectangular window looks more like a parallelogram. 

If the form of the window looks bent or out of shape, it will not fit properly in the window opening and should not be installed. If the window shape is straight and the grilles and grids are straight, this is a sign that the window is properly installed. 

Some questions to consider when inspecting the form of the window are:

  • Does the frame look straight or bent?
  • Do the grilles and grids create straight lines? 
  • Is the square or rectangular window angling one way or another? 
  • Is the window sash level?


2. The fit of the window

The second thing you’ll want to look at to determine if a window was installed properly is how the window fits into the frame in a home. 

Looking at the fit of the window will give you the biggest insight into the quality of the installation. This is where you want to look at all the details. 

A window must be installed completely level, both vertically and horizontally, and flush against the wall. If the window tilts in any way, it will affect how it operates and functions. 

For example, most all windows have small weep holes at the bottom exterior edge of the window frame. These weep holes allow any water trapped within the frame to drain out the bottom. 

If a window is not installed level and angled slightly inwards, then it can compromise the function of the weep holes. This means that water won’t be able to drain from the frame, which can lead to larger issues, like rotting around your windows. 

Windows must fit the frame in your home perfectly. If not, then your home is susceptible to drafts, water infiltration, and rot. 

If you notice excess caulking around one side of the window where a large gap was, your window does not fit properly in the wall and is not installed properly. 

Some questions to consider when looking at the fit of the window are: 

  • Does the window fit tightly in the wall? 
  • Are there any large gaps around the frame, internally and externally?
  • Is there excess caulk around the window? 
  • Is the window level, horizontally and vertically? 
  • Is the trim installed properly around the window, or is there a space between the window and the trim? 
  • Does the sash stay open?


3. The function of the window

The third key thing to look at in a window is the function of the window, or how the window operates. 

If a window is not installed properly, it is not going to operate properly. 

So, if you have newly replaced windows that aren’t staying open or struggle to lift the sash, it may not have been installed properly. If it was installed properly, but you are experiencing issues with the operability of the window, then, in that case, it may be a manufacturing defect.

So, plain and simple, if your new windows aren’t working as they should, they may not have been installed correctly. 

Some questions to consider when looking at the functionality of a window are: 

  • Can you open and close the window fully?
  • Do the locks, latches, and cranks on the window work?
  • When you open the window, does it stay open? 
  • Overall, is the window able to operate easily?


Identifying if your windows were installed correctly

Now you know three key things to look at and some questions to consider to determine if your windows were installed properly. 

Knowing the technical processes for installing a replacement window is helpful in finding the right company to work with and ensuring your windows are installed correctly. 

But, learning how to install a window step by step can cause information overload. 

By looking at these three crucial things, you will be able to easily inspect a window, look at the most important things, and know if it was installed correctly. 

No one wants to receive a bad window installation. The more information you have about the window installation processes, the more educated you will be and the better you can find the best contractor for your window replacement. 

To better understand the importance of a proper window installation, you may be wondering what some consequences of an improper window installation are. 

This article will outline seven risks of an improper window installation, including foggy windows, drafts, rot, and much more. Then, you’ll know how important having your windows installed properly is to protect your home. 


Want to work with a contractor that will install your windows right the first time? 

At Southwest Exteriors, we know the importance of attention to detail makes in a window installation. 

From the moment you start working with us to the finishing touches on your new windows, we take our time to ensure your windows are installed to the highest quality and will last in your home. 

Whether you’ve had your windows improperly installed by another contractor or are looking to finally upgrade your windows, you need to work with a company you can trust. 

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