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What Are The Benefits of Vinyl Windows?

March 19th, 2019 | 3 min. read

What Are The Benefits of Vinyl Windows?

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Dealing with the wear and tear of your home’s construction is a homeowner's reality. From deteriorating rooftops or peeling paint in the bathroom, to broken siding or threadbare carpet—it might seem like there’s always something that needs improvement.

Windows are a common upgrade in many homes across the country and is one of the most significant enhancements you can make to maintain and improve your home. If your windows are old, worn-out, and drafty, you’ll likely be paying much more utility costs than you would with modern, energy-saving window products. While there are many types of window replacement products, such as those made of wood, aluminum, and composite materials, vinyl is one of the nation's bestselling materials for window replacement for several important reasons.


Southwest Exteriors is dedicated to creating affordable, durable, and energy-efficient solutions for homeowners remodeling their homes. In this article, we’re going over three of our favorite reasons why installing vinyl replacement windows—one of our most highly recommended window materials—is one of the best choices for your next home renovation.

1.  Exceptional Durability

Vinyl replacement windows are specially designed to withstand extreme temperatures, harsh weather conditions, and humidity without getting damaged. With the outstanding durability of high-performance vinyl materials, you can count on vinyl window products to last for many years. They typically have the best window warranties of all materials. 

2.  Improved Energy-Efficiency

Having vinyl windows installed in your home means you will enjoy significant cost savings on your energy bill. Because vinyl products feature a tight seal that prevents drafts and air loss, it provides an effective barrier from temperature changes to better insulate your home.

3.  Easy Maintenance

Window materials such as wood can easily warp and become damaged, leading to more significant expenses in the long run. Meanwhile, with fundamental maintenance efforts, vinyl replacement windows can stay in optimal conditions for decades. Also, the color-safe paint doesn’t fade, making your vinyl window look brand-new and perfectly painted, even after many years.


Your Most Reliable Window Installers: Does your home need an upgrade for energy efficiency, greater comfort, and a better appearance? If you want to minimize heating and cooling costs while enhancing your home’s curb appeal at reasonable rates, vinyl replacement windows are a perfect choice.

Since 1989, Southwest Exteriors has provided homeowners with top-quality products, professional window replacement, and other home remodeling services. With our team of expert remodelers, we establish a solid track record of satisfied clients. If you want to learn more about our window replacement and other home renovation services, call us at Southwest Exteriors today. Alternatively, you may want to fill out this online form to book a free in-home estimate and consultation.