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What happens after my project is completed? (Post-installation process) (Article/Video)

September 3rd, 2021 | 6 min. read

What happens after my project is completed? (Post-installation process) (Article/Video)

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A front porch at an angle with a dark brown door on the left of the frame. The siding and porch are painted a light blue. There is a white whicker bench next to the door and a porch swing in the distance. There is lots of forage and greenery in the background.

Whether you’ve experienced construction for a week for your new siding or only waited several hours for a concrete coating, the completion of your project is exciting.

You’ve done all the hard work of finding the right contractor, undergoing multiple consultations, and making the hard design decisions for your project. 

The installation of your project might be one of the most nerve-wracking parts of the entire process. You may feel anxiousness and eagerness to have your project completed to fit your vision. 

Now that your project is complete, some new thoughts pop into your mind. 

What happens after my project is completed? What if something breaks and I need to have it fixed? What can I expect? 

Video "What happens after my project is completed?" Down Below

When you work with Southwest Exteriors, you create a lifelong relationship. With our lifetime warranty, if something goes wrong with any product we have provided, we will fix it for as long as you live in your home. 

We always want you to know what is happening and what to expect before, during, and after your project. 

This article will outline what to expect after your project with Southwest Exteriors is completed. This way, you know what will happen and what to do if you need to file a warranty claim. 

After reading, you will understand the steps to come after your project is completed so your mind can be put at ease about what to expect and know what to do if anything breaks or is damaged with your product. 

Step #1: Overview of your entire project

The last day of the installation of your project is the first step to the post-installation process. Whether your project has lasted for a few days, weeks, or mere hours, the process is the same for all projects. 

Once your project is completed, the project manager or the installation team leader will walk you through the scope of your project. They will show all that was done all around the project and answer any questions you may have. 

You will also be informed of your warranty for the product and receive a copy of that warranty for your reference. 

For window and door replacements, you will be shown how to operate them, including how to lock and unlock them and open and close them. 

For siding replacements, you will have a secondary post-installation appointment with a James Hardie siding inspector. This inspector will come out to your home and inspect the work we have done to ensure it was installed under James Hardie’s best practices. 

For concrete coating projects, you will be informed of how to care for your concrete surface and have any product-specific questions answered. 

We include this walkthrough in our post-installation process because we want you to be assured that we have completed the project as high-quality as possible. This provides another set of eyes to look at every installation detail and make sure it was done correctly. 

After the last day of your installation, you are left to enjoy your project. 

Step #2: A follow-up with our Client Experience Champion

Following the completion of your project, our Client Experience Champion will contact you to follow up. 

They will reach out to you via a phone call within a week that your project was completed to talk about how your project went and your experience working with us. 

They will ask you questions about how the project turned out, how the crew was, how clean the project site was, and how well we communicated with you. We want you to be as honest with us as possible so we can grow from each experience, and we want you to be 100% satisfied with your project. 

If you have any other questions regarding your project or product, this is a time where we can get those answered for you as well. 

Our Client Experience Champion may then ask if you would be willing to leave a Google Review for us. We value any feedback and greatly appreciate you taking the time to talk with us about your experience and leave us a review. 

If you do not answer a phone call, they will follow up with a text to you asking about your experience. 

About two weeks following the completion of your project, you will also be sent a survey from us that simply asks questions about your experience and project. For James Hardie siding projects, you will receive the survey from Hardie, which may take longer than two weeks. 

We include this step to hear how your experience was working with Southwest Exteriors. We appreciate your honest feedback, and if you experienced anything negative, we want to do anything we can to fix it. 

Step #3: If something goes wrong with your product and you need a repair or replacement

No matter how long ago your project was completed, it is covered for any damages for as long as you live in your home. If something breaks or is not working properly, give us a call, and we will work through getting it repaired for you. 

You can call either the front desk, inside sales center, or the Client Experience Champion and will be transferred or told when you will receive a call back from a project manager or our service manager. You can also call your project manager from your project directly. 

During this phone call, we will talk with you about the issue you are experiencing. They will try to best assess the problem to provide the right solution as quickly as possible. 

Sometimes, they may ask you to send pictures of the damaged area to understand better how to help you. After this call a project manager, service manager, or punch list crew member will come out and inspect the area. 

The punch list crew handles all caulking, painting, and final details of a window, siding, door, and exterior paint projects. 

Then a date will be scheduled for the product to be fixed or replaced. It will be fixed by the service manager or punch list crew member, but typically by the same person who inspected the area before. 

Once the problem area has been inspected, and a solution is identified, we will order the new replacement part, if necessary, and schedule the repair date.

If you run into any other problems in the future with the same product or different from us, simply let us know, and we will have you covered. 

With Southwest Exteriors, we’ve got you covered for life

With all that said, when your home remodeling project is complete, that doesn’t mean our relationship with you ends. 

A few of our core values are love, excellence, compassion, and communication. We never want you to feel like you are in the dark with your project and are always willing to lend a helping hand. 

If you need help with a service we do not provide, we are happy to provide excellent recommendations for other contractors and companies in the area. 

Whether your windows or siding were installed one year ago or 10 years ago, we will always service that product for you as long as you live in your home. 

Do you want to learn more about the specific warranty of your product? Check out some of our articles about specific products’ warranties and what is included in them