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What is a pre-construction meeting for a siding installation? PCC with Southwest Exteriors

August 30th, 2021 | 5 min. read

What is a pre-construction meeting for a siding installation? PCC with Southwest Exteriors

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You’ve reviewed the style and colors, reviewed and signed your contract, and are ready for construction to begin. You’re probably excited, eager, and maybe a little nervous to get started. 


Any time that you’re about to spend a significant amount of money you want to make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. 

When investing in a project as large as a siding replacement, you want to be as prepared and educated as you can be. This is the exact reason for a pre-construction conference (PCC) before any siding replacement project. 

Video Down Below: "What is a pre-construction conference for a siding installation?"  

A pre-construction conference is an appointment you will have with your siding project manager to review the final details, scope of work of the project, and what to prepare. 

Southwest Exteriors has been a siding replacement contractor for over 30 years. We install James Hardie fiber cement siding because of its high-quality material, longevity, and easy maintenance. 

This article will outline the three steps of the agenda of our PCC, so you know what to expect beforehand. After reading, you will know what will happen during your PCC and feel more prepared. 

The three steps to a PCC include an introduction to the project manager and installation crew leader, reviewing the scope of work of your project, and going over the PCC checklist. 

Step 1: You will meet your project manager and installation crew leader

The first step in your PCC is meeting your siding project manager and installation crew leader. We want you to be comfortable and confident with our team. Developing a close relationship with you built on trust is important to us. 

Who exactly will you be meeting?

The project manager will handle all the details of your project on the backend. This includes confirming the siding products, supervising and working with the installation crews, and much more. 

If you have any questions about your siding project or need anything, your project manager is your go-to guy. 

The installation crew leader is in charge of the installation crew for your project. This leader is another resource to answer your questions during the installation process. 

It is important to get to know your project manager and installation crew leader because you will be working closely with them throughout your entire project. 

Step 2: We will walk you through the scope of your project

Once you have met your project manager and installation crew leader, they will walk you through the scope of your entire project. This is the most important part of a PCC and key to your understanding of your project. 

After you have signed the contract for your project, your design consultant will take a video of the project area. 

They will walk around your house and video each side and area that will be replaced. They will also take close-up videos and photos of small areas or potential problem areas. 

These videos are important for the project managers to review and analyze to have a better idea of what they will be working with and how to better educate you during the PCC.

The project manager will either review the videos of the project area with you or walk with you around your home and talk through your project. They will discuss exactly what is going to be done and how the siding is installed.

This is important for you to understand the siding installation process and the different elements that go into the replacement. 

Walking through the scope of work for your project is a key point of education. This time allows you to learn about the installation process, especially if there especially if any trouble areas add to the cost. This way, you can understand why it may add to the cost. 

This time of education is also important for you to ask questions about the installation process and have all the answers you need. 

Overall, the walk-through of your project is the most important aspect of a PCC for you to understand the scope of work of your project and learn about the installation process. 

Step 3: We will review the PCC summary form

The final step of a PCC is to review a PCC summary form. This form includes information about your project like start date, crew leader, contact information, and what to prepare before.

Having a document that summarizes the most basic and crucial information you need for your siding project is helpful so you do not have to remember everything you were told. 

We include this part in the PCC to provide you with the exact guidelines we will follow during construction and provide you with the details of your project that you need, like installation start date, colors picked, and agreement to the guidelines. 

An important part of this form is where materials and the dumpster are going to be stored. This is another key aspect to discuss beforehand since the size of the siding materials, construction equipment, and dumpster will take up a lot of space. 

Each property is different, so it is crucial the space for all materials is available and outlined beforehand. Understanding what to prepare beforehand is another important part of your PCC summary form. 

Preparations included in a PCC form

There are two major housekeeping items included in the PCC form that we ask you to prepare before the first day of the project. 

Trim all bushes, shrubs, and branches that may hinder the construction area

The crew will work on your property with care, but some damage may occur if any shrubbery is close to the wall. Southwest Exteriors cannot be responsible for unavoidable landscape damage.

Remove all items away from the constructed walls

This includes items on interior shelves, dressers, or tables against walls. Also, remove any items from porches patios in the construction area. Southwest Exteriors cannot be responsible for items that fall and break.

We ask that you prepare these two things before the actual installation so that the crew can begin working at the scheduled time. 

You will sign the PCC summary form and have a copy for reference before your project starts. 

After all the information has been reviewed, and all your questions have been answered, your PCC is complete. 

Why Southwest Exteriors has a pre-construction conference

When working with Southwest Exteriors, communication is one of the most important principles to us. We want you to have your questions answered before you have to ask them.

The purpose of a pre-construction conference is for you to, first, put a face to the name of your project manager and know who your installation crew leader will be, confirm all details of your project, and educate you on the installation. 

Information and education are the most important tools to keep in your belt for a project as a homeowner. If you do not have any contact with your contractor before your new siding is installed, you could be potentially blindsided with a final product you did not expect. 

A PCC allows you to know you are getting the right products for your siding project and have all your questions answered. After your PCC, then your siding installation will be scheduled. 

Want to learn more about what the steps to a siding replacement are? Check out this article about the seven steps to a siding replacement installation and what to prepare before.