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What is Penntek’s concrete coating warranty? Length, coverage, exclusions (Article)

July 30th, 2021 | 5 min. read

What is Penntek’s concrete coating warranty? Length, coverage, exclusions (Article)

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A close-up of a garage floor with a Penntek concrete coating that is made up of beige, white, grey, and black small vinyl chips with a glossy topcoat.


After a long day at work, you finally pull into the garage and are ready to finally relax. You step out of your car and walk up the stairs to the door when you notice a piece of your concrete coating sticking up.

When did this happen? You thought this Penntek coating was meant to last a lifetime on your concrete. Before searching for the paperwork from your project, you say a little prayer that you won’t have to pay for this. 

You remember talking about warranty when you first got your new coating, but you wonder if this is covered.

Warranty can be a scary thing to dive into. Investigating a lengthy document isn't typically everyone’s cup of tea. However, a product’s warranty is one of the most important things to know when investing in a high-dollar product in your home. 

Southwest Exteriors has been a local home remodeling contractor for over 30 years. We specialize in Penntek Industrial Coatings because we believe them to be the best concrete coating solution on the market. 

We want you to have all the information you need to feel comfortable and confident in us to complete your project to the highest standards. 

Because the product’s warranty is so important, we want to break it down for you in the easiest possible way. 

This article will explain Penntek’s warranty and detail the length, what is included, and what is not included. 

After reading, you will have a clear understanding of Penntek's warranty without the hassle of digging through a contract. 

What is included in Penntek’s warranty? What is the lifetime?

Penntek Industrial Coatings ensure their products will not yellow or fade from UV rays for the lifetime of the original purchaser of the product. 

When properly prepared and installed, chipping, peeling, separating, or delaminating are covered for 15 years post-installation. This includes interior, exterior, vertical, and horizontal surfaces, or essentially any coated surface. 

This warranty also ensures that Penntek products will be free from defects under these conditions and perform without failure for 15 years. 

If your coating is replaced under warranty, Penntek will either issue credit to the contractor for the cost of materials to be replaced or send the materials directly. 

In this warranty, Penntek outlines that their sole responsibility is the cost of replacement materials to fix or repair failed areas only. 

This means that if only one spot of your concrete has some chipping within 15 years of the original installation, only that spot will be repaired. You will not receive a new coating over the entire area. 

If a problem with your coating can be repaired under warranty, a Penntek representative or trained installer must assess the area and judge the cause of failure. 

What is excluded in Penntek’s warranty?

Just as it is essential to understand and define the lifetime of a warranty, knowing the warranty’s exclusions is crucial, so you know what exactly is not covered. 

Violation of applicable local codes or ordinances

One major condition that voids the warranty is if the materials installed violate any applicable local codes or ordinances. 

If the materials are installed in a situation that the product is not intended for, the warranty is void. 

Penntek coatings are made for concrete. If, for any reason, the product was coated on any other surface type, this would be an example of the above condition.

Abuse, neglect, accident

Conditions that are not warranted for a repair or replacement are abuse of concrete coating, alterations made, damage from animal chewing or clawing, cutting, chopping, or other accidents. 

Essentially, any changes or damages made that are not under Penntek’s control are not covered under the warranty. 

Fire damage

Any damages that occur to the Penntek coating from fire or extreme heat damage exceeding 250 degrees Fahrenheit are not warranted. Smoke damage is also not covered under the warranty. 

Improper preparation of the surface

Failure to properly prepare the substrate as per Penntek Industrial Coatings (PIC) instructions is an important trait that voids the warranty.

The proper preparation for PIC includes mechanical grinding to remove all previous coatings, sealers, laitance, efflorescence, water repellants, curing compounds, oils, grease, waxes, and any other materials that may hinder the adhesion of the coating. 

Improper installation

If products are installed, applied on top of, or mixed with other products not approved within the supplied instructions or applied over existing inferior paints or coatings, the warranty is void. 

For example, if a Penntek coating were applied over an old, peeling epoxy coating and the Penntek coating started to delaminate, it would not be covered by the warranty. 

Injury due to slipping

Penntek products are not fully slip-resistant. While extra coatings can be added to help with slip resistance, this does not make them completely slip-resistant. If anyone is injured by slipping on Penntek flooring, Penntek is not responsible.

Understanding the exclusions in a warranty is just as important as understanding the inclusions. This will keep you from filing a claim that is not valid and save you time and effort. 

Do you need to file a claim on your Penntek concrete coating?

 Understanding the lifetime of your Penntek warranty and what is included and excluded is crucial. If you notice any yellowing, fading, chipping, peeling, or delaminating, you can file a claim to have the defective area replaced or refunded. 

All you must do is contact your contractor who installed the coating to file the claim. Penntek has the ability to inspect the area and check the warranty to ensure the problem is warranted. 

At Southwest Exteriors, we want to offer you the best products on the market that are meant to last. We offer a lifetime warranty on your concrete coating that will cover the installation cost for as long as you live in your home. 

If you notice any yellowing, peeling, separating, or delaminating on your Penntek coating, contact us, and we will file the warranty claim for you. 

Want to learn more about the Penntek coating installation process? Check out this article that outlines the concrete coating process from initial inspection to the final top coat.

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