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Window Replacements

What Replacement Windows Are Best For San Antonio Homes?

December 13th, 2022 | 9 min. read

What Replacement Windows Are Best For San Antonio Homes?

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San Antonio is a harsh climate to live in. We endure triple-digit summers, below-freezing winters, random hail storms, and sometimes tornadoes. 

The unpredictable weather of South Texas takes a toll on your home. Your home’s exterior, including your siding, windows, roof, and doors, must be strong enough to protect you and withstand the elements.

So, maybe your windows are very old and worn or you just moved into a new house with not-so-great windows built into it. 

You want to know what windows are best for the San Antonio area so you can invest in the right window that will protect your home for years and years, which is exactly what we will cover in this article. 

Southwest Exteriors has been an expert window replacement company serving San Antonio and surrounding areas since 1989. We understand the struggles and frustrations many homeowners have with their windows because we are homeowners too. 

Whether you have lived in your home for decades and know your windows are due for a replacement or just want an upgrade, we want to educate you on the best windows for San Antonio homes so you can make the best-informed decision on your project. 

This article will outline the three best types of windows for San Antonio and what specifically makes them the best to hold up against our climate. 

After reading, you’ll have a better understanding of each type of window and can continue your research to find which window will be best for you. 


3 Best Windows For San Antonio: Vinyl, Fiberglass, and Wood

A window replacement is a large investment. Because of this, you need a window that will last and, of course, protect your home from the San Antonio sun, rain, wind, and snow. 

Vinyl, fiberglass, and wood windows have similar properties that make them durable enough for your South Texas home. However, they each have their own unique features that differentiate them from one another. 

Which one is the best for you? Let’s look into each of these window types to learn more about their features and what makes them the best for San Antonio. 


1. Vinyl Windows: What Makes Them Best for San Antonio Homes? 

Vinyl windows have come a long way since they were first introduced in the mid-1900s. They used to have a reputation for easily cracking, chipping, and shapeshifting when exposed to quick-changing temperatures. 

Since then, new vinyl technology has made vinyl windows stronger and able to withstand harsh weathering.

Here are some of the best reasons why vinyl windows are an excellent option for San Antonio homes. 


Vinyl windows are affordable

Vinyl windows are one of the most affordable window types. Their starting cost is around $300-$900 for a 3 ft. x 5 ft. window. 

Paired with new vinyl technology, this makes them a less expensive window without compromising quality. 


Vinyl windows won’t crack under heat and cold

Over the past several decades, vinyl windows have become more durable and flexible so they can move with your home without breaking. 

Your home is constantly moving with the foundation, and changing temperatures make your home expand in the heat and contract in the cold. 

While older vinyl windows may have cracked under this pressure, new vinyl windows can move with your home without compromising the integrity of the window. 


Vinyl windows protect your home from solar heat and UV rays

Another benefit of vinyl window frames in San Antonio is their ability to hold up against harsh sunlight and harmful UV rays. These factors used to break down vinyl frames and make them deteriorate in your home. 

Now, vinyl windows are strong enough to withstand sun heat. The color won’t fade and your frame will not become brittle and crack away. 


2. Fiberglass Windows: What Makes Them Best for San Antonio Homes?

Fiberglass windows have always been one of the best windows on the market. They are durable, still affordable, and can withstand all types of weather. 

They have the same benefits as vinyl windows and then some. 

Here are some of the reasons why fiberglass replacement windows are a great option for San Antonio homes. 


Fiberglass window frames are protected against San Antonio sun

Many fiberglass windows are made with rolled-on or extruded metal on the exterior. Extruded metal exteriors add insulation to the fiberglass windows. Rolled-on metal adds protection to the frame, making it stronger and non-fading. 

Whether a fiberglass window has a metal exterior or not, they are still made to withstand many types of weather and potential damages, from extreme sun heat to hail storms. 


Fiberglass windows are extremely insulating 

Because in San Antonio we endure both extreme heat and cold, fiberglass windows are one of the best for insulating your home and regulating its internal temperature. 

This feature of fiberglass windows means you have the durability of vinyl windows with the insulating properties of wood windows as well. 


Fiberglass windows are long-lasting and won’t rot

The high-quality durability of fiberglass windows makes them incredibly long-lasting in your home. This is because of their ability to withstand all types of weather without breaking or causing problems. 

Fiberglass windows also won’t rot or trap moisture behind their frames like wood windows, making them ideal for the humidity and unpredictable rain storms San Antonio endures.  


3. Wood Windows: What Makes Them Best for San Antonio Homes?

Wood windows have been around for centuries, proving their worth in durability and longevity over the years. They have a classic and historical style that no other window can truly capture, making them not only a strong window for San Antonio homes but stylish as well. 

Similar to vinyl windows, wood windows have come a long way. While wood is well-known to rot when exposed to water infiltration, newer wood windows have been made to overcome this. 

Here are some of the reasons why wood windows are one of the best options for San Antonio homes. 


New wood windows are made to repel water and moisture

While older wood windows can let water in and allow rot to form, new windows are made with better coatings that seal and protect the wood from any possible moisture. 

This quality is especially beneficial in San Antonio where we have moisture and rain combined with heat, which is the perfect combination for rot to form. 

Overall, newer wood windows will last in your home and protect it from any potential rotting, as long as they are installed correctly. 


Wood windows are great insulators for your home 

Wood windows are one of the best insulating windows for your home. Even on thinner-profiled window frames, wood is a thick material that creates a barrier between the inside and outside of your home. 

Because San Antonio is extremely hot in the summer and sometimes freezing in the winter, wood windows will ensure your home is insulated and keep you comfortable all throughout the year. 


Wood windows improve the appearance and overall feel of your home

Wood windows aren’t only durable and long-lasting for your San Antonio home. They provide an aesthetic that no other window can. 

While, yes, clad windows give you the appearance of a wood window interior and clad exterior, they don’t have the same outdoor appearance that wood windows provide. 

If you want to upgrade your San Antonio home with a long-lasting window that can withstand the weather and give you a historical and classic look, wood windows are for you. 


Vinyl, Fiberglass, and Wood Windows: Which is Best For Your San Antonio Home? 

Now that you know the three best windows for San Antonio homes and what makes them the best, you can take the next steps to find the right replacement window for you. 

Vinyl, fiberglass, and wood windows all have great qualities that make them durable to last against the harsh San Antonio climate. Yet, they have unique features that allow you to differentiate between them and pick the window best for you. 

Vinyl replacement windows may be best for you if you are looking for a window that is:

  • Affordable in cost
  • Sleek in style
  • And durable against changing temperatures

Fiberglass replacement windows may be the best choice for you if you want a window that is: 

  • Stronger than vinyl windows
  • Impact-resistant and durable
  • Rot-resistant

Wood replacement windows may be for you if you want a window that is: 

  • Extremely long-lasting
  • Durable and strong against all types of weather
  • Stylish and elevates the look of your home

So, which type of replacement window is best for your San Antonio home? We hope this article has provided you with the insight you need to make the best choice for you. 

Finding the right replacement window for you can be difficult. We get that. 

Check out this article that outlines four things to consider to find the best material for your replacement windows. Then, you can find the right window that will meet all your needs for style, durability, and longevity for your San Antonio home. 


Ready to replace your San Antonio windows with something that will last? 

Southwest Exteriors offers a variety of vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, and clad windows from top-notch window manufacturers like Marvin, ProVia, and more. 

High-quality windows paired with our professional installation ensures your new San Antonio windows will last in your home. 

So, ready to invest in a life-long window solution for your home? Schedule your free in-home consultation with a design consultant today!