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Window Replacements

What To Know About Window Warranties

June 17th, 2020 | 2 min. read

What To Know About Window Warranties

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Replacement Window Warranties

Are you thinking about getting replacement windows installed? There are a range of excellent products from leading manufacturers on the market.

These products may also be backed by a window warranty to help protect your investment in them.

If you are concerned about getting the best coverage for your money, you’ll want to learn as much as possible about window warranties. There certainly is a lot to understand. To get you started in your research, here’ is a quick guide to window warranty coverage.

Things to Look for in a Window Warranty

Your replacement windows will likely come with a warranty that offers some protection in case of damage or defect in construction. Making heads or tails of the warranty documents can be hard, but with a little research you’ll soon become an expert at understanding window warranties.

Coverage Period

One of the first things to check out when looking at new windows is the warranty coverage period. Many manufacturers offer lifetime warranties, but this could come with a few caveats. Your coverage may only cover the cost of the window, but not labor or materials. It could also be lifetime coverage but based on the expected lifetime of the window, which could be ten or twenty years. 

Another consideration is the length of workmanship warranties that cover the labor involved in replacing the window. These warranties may only last one to two years.

Exemptions & Added Coverage

Getting into the fine details of what’s offered by your window warranty is also important when you need to get repairs or replacement in the future. You’ll find that warranties don’t always cover damage and some warranties will offer a little extra coverage for certain kinds of damage. Let’s take a look: 

  • Glass Breakage

If you have high-impact windows or a top-rate brand, the manufacturer may offer glass breakage coverage, that covers the cost of replacing broken glass panes.

  • Coastal Coverage

Some window warranties have exemptions in place for homeowners who live within one or two miles of the coastline. These coastal warranties only provide partial coverage for window exteriors and finishes that can wear away quickly due to winds and salty air.

  • Screen Replacement

Some window manufacturers also exclude window screen replacement from their warranties. This can make it expensive to replace a proprietary window screen frame out of pocket.

Coverage Provider

You’ll also want to check who exactly is offering the warranty coverage. Most window warranties are provided by the window manufacturer rather than the contractor installing them. These manufacturer’s warranties cover the cost of the window unit. 

Labor warranties cover the labor hours of a hired contractor. These warranties can be offered by manufacturers or window contractors. 

There are also workmanship warranties, which are similar to labor warranties. They are offered by the contractor and cover all costs of repairing damage caused by poor or faulty installation. 

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