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What Type Of Entry Door Is Best For San Antonio Homes?

December 20th, 2022 | 7 min. read

What Type Of Entry Door Is Best For San Antonio Homes?

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Your front door is a pivotal entrance into your home for you, your family, and your friends.

Not only does your front door make a statement about who you are, but it protects your home against unfavorable weather and unwanted guests. 

So, whether your front door is old and worn over time or your current door isn’t up to your standards, you know you want to replace it with something that will look great and last, especially when you live in such a harsh climate as San Antonio. 

The South Texas weather we endure year-round is unpredictable. Triple-digit summers and below-freezing winters mean you need a front door that can survive in all types of temperatures and weather. We understand that.

As a San Antonio door replacement contractor since 1989, Southwest Exteriors has always offered the highest quality replacement entry doors to fit all types of styles. 

But we know style isn’t the only thing you need from a front door. You also need a replacement  entry door that can withstand the San Antonio climate, protect your home, and last. 

What type of front door is best for San Antonio homes? That’s exactly what we will answer in this article. 

After reading, you’ll understand what two types of entry doors are best for San Antonio homes and why. Then, you can continue researching each type of door to determine which is best for you and your home. 


2 best replacement entry doors for San Antonio homes

A front entry door replacement is a large investment. Whether your current front door is decades or just a few years old, you want your new door to be a lifelong solution for your home. 

To achieve this, you want to invest in a high-quality entry door that is durable and will protect your home for decades in the future. 

For San Antonio homeowners, we recommend two types of replacement entry doors because of their incredible durability and longevity. 

  • Wood entry doors 
  • Fiberglass entry doors

Let’s look into the performance of each of these types of doors to see why they are the best for San Antonio homeowners. 


1. Wood entry doors for San Antonio homes

The first and one of the most popular types of entry doors best for San Antonio homes are wood doors. 

Similar to windows, wooden doors have been around for centuries. Because of this, they have proven their durability and longevity in all types of climates. 

Here are the top three reasons a wood door is a great choice for San Antonio homes. 

Wood entry doors are sturdy and durable

The first major benefit of wooden entry doors is their durability and strength. Wood is an extremely strong material and can withstand many types of damage and weather. 

One common problem with wooden doors or windows is the potential for rotting. However, newer wooden doors are made with specialty coatings to protect the wood and ensure moisture cannot infiltrate the door. 

Because San Antonio endures many rain storms, humidity, and sometimes snow, you can rest assured knowing a wood door will not rot and can protect your home from harsh weather. 


Wood entry doors are incredible insulators

As mentioned before, San Antonio experiences a wide variety of temperatures throughout the year. Sometimes, we’ll start the day at 40 degrees and end it in the 80s. 

This means you need a door that will insulate your home and regulate its internal temperature, and wood doors are a great option for that. They will protect your home, keep the heat out in the summer, and block the cold out in the winter. 


Wood entry doors are long-lasting

The durability of wooden doors makes them so long-lasting. They can withstand all types of temperatures and weather conditions without warping, damaging, or rotting. 

Because they are also incredibly strong doors, a wooden entry door will protect your San Antonio home for decades in the future. 


2. Fiberglass entry doors for San Antonio homes

The second type of entry door we recommend for San Antonio homes is a fiberglass door.

Fiberglass has not been around as long as wooden doors have, but they have many similar benefits in durability and longevity. For San Antonio specifically, fiberglass doors are great to protect your home against all types of weather. 

Here are some of the benefits of a fiberglass entry door that makes them ideal for San Antonio homes. 


Fiberglass entry doors will not warp or rot

The first major benefit of fiberglass entry doors for San Antonio homes is they will not warp or rot as vinyl and wood doors can. 

Low-quality vinyl doors are known for warping and becoming misshapen when exposed to changing temperatures. This makes them not ideal for San Antonio weather. But fiberglass specifically combats this problem vinyl has. 

Fiberglass doors will also never rot as wood doors can. While, yes, most modern wood doors have specialty coatings to protect against moisture, rot is still a threat for anything made of wood. 

This quality makes fiberglass doors ideal for San Antonio, where we experience wide ranges of temperatures and weather conditions. 


Fiberglass entry doors hold paint coatings well without fading

San Antonio has harsh summers and strong sunlight constantly hitting your home’s exterior. This means you need a door that keeps its shape under the heat and holds onto its color in the sunlight. 

Fiberglass doors are great for retaining paint coatings and manufactured colors, even in harsh sunlight. Other door types, like vinyl, tend to fade in color faster, and paint coatings will start to chip, blister, and peel off the door over time. 

(It’s important to note that darker colors tend to fade quicker than lighter colors, so if you want a dark black, navy, or gray door, you may notice some light fading over the years if your door constantly has sunlight beaming on it.)


Fiberglass entry doors can give the look of real wood without the maintenance

One major benefit of fiberglass doors is that many can be manufactured to look like real wood. In fact, it can sometimes be nearly impossible to spot the differences between a fiberglass and a wood door. 

This means you can have the benefits of a fiberglass door, like their resistance to rotting and retention of color, without the maintenance of wood doors. 

If you want a real wood door but worry about potential rotting or insect infestation, a fiberglass door that looks like wood is the better option. 


Wood and Fiberglass Entry Doors: 

Which is Better for Your San Antonio Home? 

Now you know the best replacement entry doors for San Antonio homes and why we recommend them. 

Because San Antonio has such a unique yet harsh climate, you need an entry door that can withstand the weather and protect your home. This is why wood and fiberglass entry doors are two of the best types of doors for your home in San Antonio. 

Both doors have durable and long-lasting qualities, but which is better for you? 

A wood entry door may be best for you if…

  • You want a door with maximum insulating properties
  • You want a strong and durable door that will last
  • You want traditional and classic aesthetics

A fiberglass entry door may be the better option for you if…

  • You want different design options for a modern or classic look
  • You don’t want to worry about potential rotting or maintenance
  • You want a painted door with color that will last

Wood and fiberglass doors are both durable, long-lasting, and look great in your home. Deciding which is better for you all depends on your preferences for the look, performance, and budget. 

If you are looking to replace your front door, one of the first things you are probably wondering is how much it will cost, no matter the type of door. 

This article will outline how much a front door replacement will cost and what factors affect the price most. Then, you will know what to look for in a quality front door to ensure you get the most out of your investment for your home. 


Ready to replace your San Antonio front door?

Southwest Exteriors offers high-quality front door replacements with fiberglass doors from ProVia. We also install sliding vinyl, fiberglass, and clad patio doors for any part of your home. 

Your new door, paired with our expert installation and lifetime warranty, will ensure your new San Antonio door will last and protect your home. 

Ready to replace your front door with a lifelong solution?

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