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Who Can Turn A Window Into A Door? What To Look For In A Contractor For Your Project

January 19th, 2024 | 8 min. read

Who Can Turn A Window Into A Door? What To Look For In A Contractor For Your Project

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Do you want to open up your space with a new door? Do you want to transform your home with more light and a new entry point? Look no further than converting your windows into a door! 

While this project may seem like a large conversion project, it's easier than you might think. However, this doesn’t mean you should take this project on yourself or take finding the right contractor lightly. 

Any time you open your home, whether for a window, siding, or door replacement, you put your home in a vulnerable position. If it isn't handled carefully, you risk an improper installation, leaving your home susceptible to moisture infiltration, rot, and more. 

As a San Antonio remodeling expert since 1989, Southwest Exteriors specializes in construction and conversion projects, including turning your windows into a new door, closing a screen porch, and more. 

Because we’ve been a locally established contractor for over three decades and have helped thousands of homeowners get the look they love coming home to, we are a trusted resource in our area to help guide you through your project. 

But we are here to help no matter where you live or what project you’re interested in exploring, from conversion and construction projects to full siding and window replacements. 

Before starting any project, finding the right partner to work with is the first essential step to ensure a successful outcome. 

So, if you’re thinking about turning your windows into a new door, you want to know how to find the right contractor and what to look for.

This article will outline six things to look for in a contractor before choosing one for your window-to-door transformation. Then, you’ll be equipped with the right knowledge and know what questions to ask when talking to multiple contractors. 


6 Things To Look For In A Contractor For Your Window-To-Door Project

Trust is the foundation of any relationship, and finding the right contractor is like finding the right life partner. You have to know that they say what they mean, keep their promises, and be there for you when you need them. 

Turning your window into a door is a different kind of remodeling project than just replacing a window or your front door. 

You must find the right company with a wide skillset to complete your project properly and successfully. 

So, let’s look at some of the top qualities to look for to choose the right contractor for your construction project. 


1. They’ve been locally established in your area for at least 10 years

One of the most important qualities of a trustworthy contractor is their longevity and history, specifically in your area. 

Think about it. Would you rather work with a contractor that just started their business this year or one that has been established for decades? 

The longevity of a contractor tells you that they not only have years of experience in their craft but that they have a healthy business to withstand ever-changing and challenging economic times. 

On top of checking the longevity of a company, you also want to ensure they have been established in your area for a long time. Even if the company is a nationally respected brand, you still want to ensure they have been in your area for a while. You want to ensure that not only has the company been established for over a decade but that your local branch has been established as well to ensure they will be there for you in the future. 

Overall, looking at the longevity of a company is the first thing to look for in a contractor, no matter the project. This will help you determine if they have historically provided excellent service in your area and still be there in the future when you need them. 


2. They have excellent and historical reviews

After looking at the longevity of a contractor, the next thing you want to do is check their online reviews, especially on Google. (While Yelp is also a popular review website, sometimes not all reviews are displayed publicly, skewing any company’s ratings.) 

Start by looking at the company's overall star ratings. Anything above a 4.5-star rating indicates a quality company. However, you also want to look at how many reviews a company has. 

If they only have two reviews, one being a five-star rating and the other being a four-star rating, then that doesn’t say much. 

You also want to look at the details of the review and read what previous clients say about the company. Try to find reviews specific to your window-to-door project, but reading any reviews about how the company handles business will still tell you if they are worthy to work with. 

Ensure they have reviews dating back years also to prove the longevity of the contractor. This will also reveal any previous mishaps or negative experiences. While bad reviews can be expected with any business, see how the company handles them. 

If they respond back with malice and negativity, this reflects poorly on how they operate their business.

Looking at the reviews of a potential contractor will tell you the quality of the contractor, how they treat and interact with their clients, and how long they have been in business as well. 


3. They have expertise in both window and door removal and replacement

Another quality to look for in a contractor for your window-to-door project is their expertise in both window and door replacements. You’d think this is an obvious given, but some contractors may try to fake their way through one skill or the other. 

For your specific project, you want a contractor who knows how to remove a window properly with minimal damage to your exterior, as well as the proper practices for installing a new door, whether it’s a sliding patio door or a standard exterior door. 

Choosing a contractor who is a specialist in both window and door replacements will ensure that your conversion project will be completed correctly and your home is taken care of. 


4. They have proven skills in construction services

The next necessary quality in any great contractor for your project is their knowledge and proven skills in home construction. 

While, yes, window and door replacement are essential skills you want your contractor to have, they also need construction experience and expertise. 

Once the window is removed, in most cases, the exterior wall will need to be expanded and constructed to fit the new door. This requires the skill to build frames within a wall from scratch, and the proper tools, materials, and practices are needed to complete the project successfully. 

This means you need a contractor who can’t only remove and replace windows and doors but is also skilled in construction. 

If the frame for the new door is not properly built out, the door will not fit properly. This will cause issues in the functionality of the door and put your home at risk of drafts, water infiltration, and rot. 

Proper installation is key to a successful outcome. Finding a contractor who is a window and door replacement expert and specializes in construction will ensure your new door looks amazing, functions properly, and protects your home.


5. They promote their services publicly 

Because transforming your windows into a door is a very specific and specialty project, it’s important you find a contractor who is known for this type of project and promotes it publicly. 

One sign of a shady contractor is when they agree to do any and every project that comes their way. They may have never done this type of project before, but they want your business. 

Now, their intentions could be good or bad, but is it worth the risk to choose a contractor that you are unsure they’ve ever done a project like this? 

Looking for promotion of this construction on a company’s website and social media will help you not only see real photos of their work but also know that they brand themselves to provide these services. 


6. They can provide a detailed explanation of the entire process 

The final quality to look for in a trustworthy contractor is their ability to explain the entire installation process of turning your windows into a door. 

With any remodeling project, you want to have confidence that your contractor knows what they are doing. Because turning windows into a door is a special type of project and requires a multitude of skills, an expert contractor should be able to explain the entire installation process in detail for any homeowner to understand. 

Additionally, they should be able to answer any questions you may have about the project, from the timeline, potential damages, and tools used. 

If a contractor does not explain their process thoroughly, this means they could be bluffing. Similar to the above quality, you want to ensure your contractor knows what they are doing and aren’t just trying to get anyone and everyone’s business (and money). 

Be sure your potential contractor provides a detailed explanation of the installation of your new door from start to finish, and don’t be afraid to ask questions if anything seems unclear. 

This will ensure you find the right contractor you trust to take care of your home and provide you with a successful transformation. 


Finding The Right Contractor For Your Window-To-Door Project

Now that you know the top six qualities to look for in a contractor for your construction project, you are equipped with the right knowledge to properly choose the right contractor that will meet your needs. 

Because a window-to-door conversion is a specialty project, finding the right company that is skilled in both window and door replacements as well as construction is essential to ensure your project is successful. 

When considering different contractors for this project, remember to consider

  • How long the company has been locally established
  • Their skills in window and door replacements and construction
  • Their online reviews
  • Their website and social media for real photos
  • How well they can explain the installation process

By using this checklist, you’ll be able to identify a trustworthy contractor from an inexperienced one and find the best company for your project. 

Knowing what qualities to look for in a company is one part of finding the right contractor. You want to have all the knowledge you need to minimize the risk in your project by choosing the contractor that assures the least risk. 

To help you better find the right contractor for you, check out this quiz we’ve created to determine how risky a contractor is by looking at reviews, warranties, and more. 


Ready To Transform Your Windows With A Contractor You Can Trust? 

Southwest Exteriors is a trusted window and door replacement contractor who specializes in window-to-door transformations as well as other construction projects. 

Our expert installation crews are not only trained to handle the basics of your construction project but are also equipped with the skills to fix nearly any problem we may run into, from rot to missing baseboards and more. 

We’re here to guide you through every step of your project and answer any questions you may have to ensure we have your trust and will meet all your needs. 

Transform your home with a new door and open up your space with a company you can trust. Schedule your commitment-free consultation to get the look you love coming home to!