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Why Work with a James Hardie® Preferred Remodeler?

July 29th, 2015 | 2 min. read

Why Work with a James Hardie® Preferred Remodeler?

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When in need of an excellent siding replacement, always look for a trusted and reliable contractor to help you. A James Hardie® Preferred Remodeler is your best shot to ensure the successful installation of your siding replacement. You should not settle for anything less than an experienced professional contractor.

Nonetheless, what does it take to be a James Hardie Preferred Remodeler? Here’s Southwest Exteriors to lay out everything that helped us earned the coveted recognition.

Doing the Job the James Hardie® Way Since 1997, Southwest Exteriors has been installing James Hardie siding replacement. In fact, we have installed more than 3,000 replacement siding in San Antonio alone so far. Our installation and inspection teams are all trained to do their job based on James Hardie’s standards and specifications. All these enabled us to be recognized by the leading manufacturer as its preferred remodeler.

Being a preferred remodeler, we are now more capable of providing HardiePlank® siding that will definitely add value to your home with the following benefits:

• Brings out authentic wood appeal The look and feel of wood always add class and style to the house. Our HardiePlank® siding can do this job for your home. Moreover, San Antonio siding replacement products are available in a variety of colors to go well with the overall look of your house. By boosting your home’s aesthetic and curb appeal, you’ll add value to your home.

• Requires low maintenance There’s no need to spend too much time and money maintaining and cleaning a HardiePlank siding. It comes with a limited warranty, so maintenance and repairs will not be much of a burden to you and your family.

• Lasts long HardiePlank siding is designed for strength and durability. It can weather the climate in South Texas, allowing you to use it for years to come.

Being chosen as a James Hardie Preferred Remodeler gave us a higher chance of providing you the best products and services. With it, you can be assured that no money will be wasted on your siding replacement. For more information, call us at (210) 757-4224.