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Window Combinations: 3 Clever Ideas to Consider

September 23rd, 2016 | 3 min. read

Window Combinations: 3 Clever Ideas to Consider

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Every window style offers wonderful features all by itself, but combining at least two of them multiplies their utility. Whether you do it for aesthetics or functionality, the right window combination would hit both.

Window Combinations

What is a Combination Window?

A combination window is a type of window that combines two or more individual windows into a single unit. This can be done to achieve a larger or more complex window configuration than would be possible with a single window. Combination windows can come in many different styles and designs, such as casement and picture windows or double-hung and awning windows. They are often used to create a distinctive look for a home, to increase natural light or ventilation, or to enhance energy efficiency. Combination windows may be pre-manufactured and purchased as a single unit, or they may be custom-made to fit specific requirements.


As the authority in window replacement in San Antonio, Southwest Exteriors wants to share some brilliant ideas for forging different window styles to improve your home in many ways. Get inspired with these tips:


A Bay with Casement Sides

A bay window normally comprises a fixed center panel and movable sides. Instead of using double-hung fixtures, the casement is a better choice. Unlike double-hung, casement windows can be opened completely, allowing maximum ventilation. Opening both casement side panels lets the stale indoor air out and the fresh, cool drafts in.

When they’re closed, they boost your home’s energy performance. Of all the operating window types, the casement offers the tightest seal when shut, and therefore the most efficient.


Arched Double-Hungs

Tired of the usual squares and rectangles? Bring more geometry into the picture by adding arched windows above the transom of your double-hung fixtures. If you prefer a different shape, we specialize in 13 standard glass configurations so you can customize the shape of your specialty replacement windows in San Antonio.

Apart from lending more drama and interest to your architecture, a transom fixture allows daylighting to continue even if you cover your double-hung windows for privacy. The unconventional glass cut also produces artistic illuminations and shadows inside the house.


Around-the-Corner Window Wall

Recommended for small rooms with scenic outdoor views, getting rid of your wall corners would create an illusion of space and a seamless connection to the outside world. If ventilation and insulation are both a significant concern, use a combination of picture and casement fixtures to solve both problems. To find out any structural challenges the project may entail, our product consultant will probe for any possible issue during your initial appointment for your San Antonio window replacement.


Are Combination Windows More Expensive?

Yes, combination windows are typically more expensive than individual windows. Combination windows are designed to combine two or more windows into a single unit, which requires more materials and labor to manufacture and install compared to individual windows. Additionally, combination windows may have more complex designs and configurations, which can also contribute to their higher cost. However, the exact cost difference will depend on factors such as the specific type of combination window and the manufacturer or installer.


Can you Mix and Match Window Styles?

Yes, it is possible to mix and match window styles in a home. In fact, many homeowners choose to do this to create a more varied and interesting look for their home's exterior. For example, you might use double-hung windows on the first floor of your home, but use a large picture window on the second floor to provide a better view. Alternatively, you might use casement windows in some areas of your home and awning windows in others to achieve a more unique look. There are many different window styles available, and mixing and matching them can help you achieve the desired aesthetic and functionality for your home. It's important to work with a reputable window installer to ensure that the different window styles are properly installed and sealed to prevent any air or water leaks.


In closing

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