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Window Styles for Both Classic and Contemporary Homes

September 23rd, 2015 | 2 min. read

Window Styles for Both Classic and Contemporary Homes

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Each home has its own personality and the design reflects the tastes and styles of those who live in it. Every part of the structure is usually carefully planned in order to fit the owner’s preferences. And to create a structure that is beautiful and functional, the architectural details should be carefully selected to complement the other design elements.

The windows are some of the most important details of any home. They add curb appeal and they help make the home well-ventilated and insulated. There are so many window styles, and the following types can be used in both classical and contemporary homes.

Double Hung Windows

These are beautiful and because of their irresistible old-world charm, they complement almost every theme. Double Hung windows are one of the most traditional window styles that provide wider views from the inside. They can be maneuvered from either the top or the bottom to provide two levels of ventilation. Materials vary and homeowners can choose from a wide array of product lines for their specific needs. Double Hung are popular as replacement windows in San Antonio, TX because they are widely available. This style of window is characterized by an upper and lower window sash that can be easily moved. They can be customized for decorative purposes as well.

Bay Windows

If you want more light to penetrate your home, this type of window is what you need. A bay window has three sides. The middle window is parallel to the walls and the two side windows are built on the side of the middle window angling inward toward the room. As such, this type of window can effectively add more space in a room. They are most often seen in Victorian-style homes but are also perfect for any modern home to create additional space or to serve as a decorative feature. A seating area underneath the windows can provide a place to enjoy the view from the room.

French Windows

When you want to increase the appeal of your home, you can mix in some styles to break the monotony. Contemporary homes will greatly benefit from French windows in terms of lighting. This type of window is usually bigger and higher than most window types and its design allows plenty of sunlight. They work similarly for homes with classical design. French windows are great when placed on areas that open towards the balcony or terrace, serving as both doors and windows in San Antonio Homes.

Replacing your windows can be an enjoyable experience with the help of Southwest Exteriors. We bring you absolute peace of mind with the services we provide. Our warranty package covers the window installation, all manufacturers’ defects as well as those that the manufacturer’s warranty covers for as long as you own your home. Give us a call now to take advantage of this opportunity!