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3 Worst Replacement Doors For San Antonio Homes

January 4th, 2023 | 8 min. read

3 Worst Replacement Doors For San Antonio Homes

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Is your front door old and not working properly? Has it taken a beating over the years from the harsh San Antonio weather? Are you ready to upgrade it with something that will last? 

We hear you. Your front door is one of your home's main barriers and protectors. If it does not perform as well as you need, you risk experiencing a multitude of problems, like potential rotting, termites, or intrusion.

So, if you are considering replacing your front door, you want to make sure you make the right choice on the right door, or you waste your time, money, and effort. 

As a San Antonio door replacement contractor since 1989, Southwest Exteriors is dedicated to educating you and providing you with all the information you need to make an informed decision on your project. 

We understand that when it comes to remodeling any part of your home, the last thing you want to do is make the wrong decision. 

Part of this is knowing what replacement doors are best for San Antonio homes and what type of doors are the worst

This article will outline the three worst types of replacement doors for any San Antonio home and why we do not recommend them for South Texas homeowners. 

After reading, you’ll know what doors to steer clear of while shopping for your right replacement door and understand why these doors are not the best choice in San Antonio. 


What are the worst replacement doors for San Antonio? 3 doors to avoid

When looking to replace your front door, you need something sturdy, durable, and weather-resistant. Your door must protect your home and act as a strong barrier against external forces. 

You never want to waste your money investing in a new front door that will fail in a few years. So…what type of replacement doors should you avoid for your San Antonio home?

  1. Any replacement door from a Big Box store
  2. Doors with composite jambs
  3. Metal doors

“Why should I avoid these types of replacement doors?” you wonder. Let’s look into the qualities of each of these doors and explain why they are not recommended for any San Antonio home. 


1. Any replacement door from a Big Box store will not last in your home

The first type of door to avoid for your home is any door you can purchase at a Big Box store, like Home Depot or Lowe’s. 

While they may look pretty on the shelf, they are not the best option for a long-lasting solution. 

Here are three reasons you shouldn’t replace your front door with a door you can purchase in a store. 


1. Big Box replacement doors are not custom-made 

Because doors in a big-box store are ready to purchase and be installed, they are not made to fit your home. 

Your home shifts over time, especially in San Antonio. This means any opening in your home, like door and window frames, is not perfectly square. So, when you need a replacement door, it must be custom measured to fit your home and installed properly leveled. 

If you purchase a replacement front door from the store, it will not fit properly in your home. This can lead to water infiltration, rotting, pests, and drafts, ultimately making your door not last. 


2. Big Box replacement doors are not great insulators

Most doors made to be sold in Big Box stores are made using thinner, cheaper materials than custom-made doors. A thinner door means it is not a great insulator, and you want a front door that will regulate the internal temperature of your home. 

These doors make it easier for external heat and cold to pass through and enter your home, which means your home will be hotter in the South Texas summer and colder in the frigid winters. 

This will ultimately increase your energy bills and make your HVAC system work twice as hard. 


3. Big Box replacement doors are not as durable as custom doors

Also, because of the thinner material most Big Box doors are made with, they are not very durable or weather-resistant against the harsh San Antonio weather. 

This means these doors will wear easier, fade faster, and potentially become damaged easily under all types of weather and storms, like extreme sunlight and heat, excessive rain, and hail. 


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2. Doors with composite jambs can warp easily 

Composite door frames have become popular because of their specially manufactured material. They are typically made by combining PVC with wood fibers. 

Doors with composite jambs can be beneficial. They are made to resist moisture and insects and, overall, are mostly maintenance-free. However, they don't always hold up as they should for the San Antonio climate. 

Here are two reasons why doors with a composite jamb are not the best option for San Antonio homes. 


1. Composite door jambs can warp in extreme temperatures 

One downside of composite door jambs is that they can warp when exposed to constantly changing temperatures. This is a common drawback of vinyl-based materials. 

In San Antonio, we’re used to sometimes having our heater on in the morning and AC blasting in the afternoon. Because temperatures can sometimes vary by 50 degrees in one day, composite materials expand and contract with the weather. 

The constant expansion and contraction of a door jamb will cause it to warp and misshape in the frame. This can cause it to crack and break over time, making composite door jambs not ideal for San Antonio homes.


2. Composite replacement doors can fade quicker 

If your front door is constantly exposed to direct sunlight, the paint or stain will fade much quicker. With composite door frames, it can be more difficult to retouch the color once it fades. 

So, if you have a composite door constantly exposed to sunlight, it can fade and look worn much faster, and restaining or repainting it can be a pain. 


3. Metal doors can make your home much hotter in the summer

Metal entry doors, like steel and iron, have become increasingly trendy over the past decade for a modern and elegant look. 

They do indeed have their benefits, like increased home security and weather resistance, but there are a couple of aspects that make them not ideal for San Antonio homes. 

Here are two reasons why metal doors can cause problems while living in San Antonio. 


1. Metal replacement doors can turn your home into a hot box

Low-quality metal doors are not made with the proper insulating materials as higher-quality ones. This means that they do not regulate your home’s temperature as well as other doors. 

When it’s hot outside, you will feel it radiating through your metal door and vice versa. Because we have such extreme temperatures in San Antonio, this makes a low-quality metal door not ideal for insulating your home. 


2. Metal replacement doors can dent when impacted

If you have a metal door that is not protected by any front porch roofing or is more exposed to the elements, it can damage easily when impacted. In Texas, common impact threats could be hail, tree branches, and other debris blown up by heavy winds. 

When a metal door is dented, it can be very difficult to remove the dents. This makes having a metal door a pain when unexpected weather and environmental conditions pass through. 


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Finding the right replacement door for your San Antonio home

Now you know three types of doors not recommended for San Antonio homeowners and why we do not suggest these types of doors. 

South Texas has a very harsh climate. With triple-digit summers and freezing winters, you need a front door that can withstand the weather and last in your home. 

  • Front doors from any Big Box store are not recommended because they are cheaply made, will not fit properly in your home, and won’t last.
  • Replacement doors made with composite jambs can be difficult in San Antonio because they can warp under changing temperatures. 
  • Low-quality metal doors will not insulate your home as well as they should, meaning your HVAC system will work twice as hard all year round. 

Each of these types of doors can be a good choice in certain situations, but if you are looking for a durable and long-lasting replacement door, these doors will not meet your needs. 

So, you are most likely wondering, “What type of doors are best for San Antonio homeowners?” 

This article will outline the three best types of entry replacement doors that we recommend for San Antonio homes. Then, you’ll understand why each of these doors is great for South Texas homes and know how they will perform in your home. 


Ready to replace your San Antonio door with something that will last? 

Southwest Exteriors offers high-quality entry doors from Marvin, ProVia, and Anlin. Each type of door we install has proven its durability and longevity against the harsh San Antonio climate. 

Paired with our expert installation, your full door replacement won’t only elevate the look of your home but protect it and last for decades. 

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