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You’ve got a quote for your project, now what? 3 steps (Article/Video)

June 30th, 2021 | 7 min. read

You’ve got a quote for your project, now what? 3 steps (Article/Video)

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You’ve come to the end of your consultation with a design consultant, and it’s time to talk price. 

You’ve got all the information for your project, like products, installation, and warranty, and you’ve chosen the design, color, and customizations of your project.

Video: "So, you got a renovation quote, now what?" Link down below

When it comes to the final cost of the project, maybe you’re a little hesitant. Maybe the cost was higher than you expected, or you aren’t sure if you’re ready to invest as much into the project. 

With Southwest Exteriors, we want you to be comfortable and confident in committing to your project. We never want the cost to be the only thing getting in your way to your dream project.

We offer four different payment options, from cash payment to zero and low-interest monthly payment plans. 

While we will inform you of all these options during your consultation, it’s understandable that you may need some more time to think about it.

This article will outline what to expect when you receive a quote from your consultation but do not commit to your project yet. 

After reading, you will know your next steps after your consultation and how long each step will take. 

After your consultation

Following your consultation, you will receive a project proposal from your design consultant within 24 hours. They will also outline what the next steps are if you decide to commit, which we will list later in this article.

This proposal will include the scope of the project, all details discussed during the consultation as far as the design and customizations you’ve chosen for your project, anything that is strictly excluded, and a clear price. 

There will be prices offered if you choose a 0% interest payment plan, low-interest plan, or pay cash. This proposal will be good for seven days.

If we have not yet heard from you before the seven days are up, we will call to follow up to see if you have any questions or concerns. If you decide you need more time, then we will leave it up to you to contact us.

We may follow up with you within a couple of weeks if we have not heard from you to check-in and see how you are feeling about your project. If you decide you are ready to move forward, then we will send you a new proposal. 

This new proposal will reflect the retail price that is relevant to that time. Because the cost of materials fluctuates daily and continuously increases, the retail cost of your project will be slightly higher than what was originally discussed at your consultation. 

The seven-day price reflects what is offered the day of your consultation, including discounts. 

Between this period where you’ve had a consultation and received your proposal, this is the best time for you to think about what payment option is best for you. 

We want to provide you with the best payment options to be affordable for everyone. However, you must consider your goals for your project and how much you are looking to pay to achieve them. 

What happens when you decide to take the next step

When you decide you are ready to commit to your project, the next steps are simple to getting everything started. 

1. First, we will go over the paperwork with you that you will have to sign 

This can be done remotely via Zoom or over the phone.

For a single-scope project, meaning just one type of renovation like windows or doors, it will take 8-10 minutes to complete. 

For a multi-scope project, meaning if you were to do windows and door replacements at the same time, for example, it will take 10-15 minutes. This is because there is more information regarding your multiple projects that must be covered.

You will receive copies of all paperwork that we go over and that you have signed.

2. Then, we will collect a deposit

Once the paperwork regarding your project has been signed, we will then collect a deposit and get you approved for your monthly payment plan if you decide to choose one of those options. 

A 50% deposit for window and door replacements is collected as well as custom Penntek concrete coating. We require a 25% deposit for siding projects. 

Approval for financing will only take 8-10 minutes. When you decide to take a loan from a private bank or other loaners, the approval process can take anywhere from 60-90 days. 

We do not require an appraisal or inspection which is why we are able to get you approved so quickly. 

3. Finally, we’ll schedule a technical measurement appointment or PCC

The final step is to schedule a technical measurement for window and door replacements or a pre-construction conference (PCC) for siding projects. 

For a PCC, you will get a call from the office to schedule an appointment time at your earliest convenience.

Between committing to your project and installation day

Now that you have fully committed to your project, you will be in contact with Michele, who is our Client Experience Champion, and either Project Managers Jim or Josh for window and door replacements and Bo or Carlos for siding replacements. 

Michele is responsible for keeping you updated on your project and providing you with all the information you need, like timelines and any unexpected changes or issues. 

Typically, the installation of your project will start 8-12 weeks after all the paperwork is signed and your financing is approved. However, many factors can influence the start time. 

Custom windows, increased supply-demand, or extended lead times from vendors will all delay the start of your project. 

HOA approval is another factor that can delay your project. If your homeowner’s association requires approval before any home renovation project, you should do this as soon as you commit to your project.

Approval can take anywhere from 15-45 days and does not typically hinder the start of the project.

If your HOA denies your project, you will receive a full refund. 

You will also be in constant communication with your project manager if you have any questions or concerns. 

Communication is one of the most important principles to us. We never want you to feel like you are in the dark in regards to your project and will be constantly updated with what is going on. 

If you’re on the fence about committing to your project

If you’re not sure whether or not you are ready to commit to a home improvement project, it’s important to do your research ahead of time. 

Knowing about the contractor you’re looking to work with before going into a consultation will help save you time and give you an idea of whether or not their services line up with your goals and expectations.

If you are looking for a less expensive option than the one you are considering, then you must think about what you are willing to sacrifice for the cost.

The highest quality project and contractor is never going to be the least expensive option. 

You must also consider the time frame you are looking at for your project. If you want to get your windows replaced tomorrow or next week, a lower quality contractor or possible DIY project might be your only option. 

Are you ready to work with Southwest Exteriors?

Any home improvement project is a big investment. Therefore, you want to be 100% confident that you can trust the contractor you will work with and know that you will be satisfied with your project.

With Southwest Exteriors, we want you to always feel clear about what’s going on with your project and what the next steps are. We understand that cost can be the biggest factor in your hesitancy to commit to a project.

Because of this, we want you to know that we are here to help whether you have any questions or concerns. It’s no secret that we are not the cheapest on the market, and the quality of our products and services is important to us. 

We value high-quality craftsmanship of the products we offer and the installation. Most importantly, we value you. We are honored for you to consider working with us, and we look forward to serving you through your project. 

Are you ready to start your home improvement project? Contact your design consultant to let them know. If you’re curious about the installation process that goes into your project, check out these articles that go over the installation of windows, siding, doors, concrete coating, and exterior painting.