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Were My Windows Installed Correctly? 3 Things To Look At

When you pay for a service, you expect an even exchange. I pay for your product and service, and you provide it to me.  Plain and simple, right?...

6 min read


What’s Living In My Walls? 5 Types Of Damage And What It Could Be

Have you heard suspicious scratching within your home’s walls? Maybe sounds of scurrying underneath your front porch? Dogs barking at something you...

7 min read


What is Southwest Exteriors' Warranty? Inclusions, Exclusions, and More

Whether you’ve replaced your entire exterior siding, got a new front door, or upgraded your home’s windows with Southwest Exteriors, you know your...

5 min read


What Makes An Energy-Efficient Window? 2 Key Questions To Ask

Have you ever walked past a window in the middle of summer and noticed an instant temperature change?  It’s almost as if the window glass amplifies...

7 min read


Is A Lifetime Warranty Really A Lifetime? 3 Types of Lifetime Warranties

When you hear the term ‘lifetime,’ what do you think of?  Lifetime guarantee? Lifetime warranty? Lifetime commitment?  No matter the context, most of...

4 min read


5 Common Assumptions About Product Warranties (And How To Avoid Them)

Before making any big purchase, you want to know it is worth it, right? You’re thinking about how the product will perform, how long it will last,...

8 min read