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What Do Replacement Windows Cost?

Replacement window costs vary widely, from $200 for a cheap DIY project all the way up to $4,000+ for a custom, professionally-installed window. It...

14 min. read


DIY vs. Professional Conversion Project: Should You Open Up A Wall Yourself?

Before starting any home remodeling project, one thought that most likely crosses your mind is if you can do it yourself. Sure, there are many...

12 min read


10 Easy DIY Outdoor Lighting Installations To Upgrade Your Living Space

With the New Year approaching, many homeowners are looking for change. We want to spruce up our living areas, keep up with the trends, and elevate...

7 min read


Dangers Of Removing Glass Block Windows: What To Consider

Glass block windows have been a staple in many older homes. Most popularly installed in bathrooms, this window style provides any room with natural...

5 min read


Can You Do A Concrete Coating Yourself? What To Consider

So, you're looking to give your concrete surfaces a fresh new look with a coating and are considering doing the job yourself. A concrete coating is...

7 min read


Benefits of Adding a Penntek Shop Floor Coating to Your Garage or Commercial Space

Whether you own an automotive business, love DIY furniture flips in your garage, or anything that involves extensive time in your garage or shop, you...

5 min read


14 Last-Minute Gifts For The DIY Dad

Whether you’re an all-time procrastinator or just need a little help with gift shopping, we have a matter of days until Father’s Day. This Sunday,...

15 min read


Insert Window vs. Full Window Replacement: Which Is Right For You?

Whether your home's windows have become old or you want a new look, finding the right solution for your window replacement project can be tricky....

13 min read


Spray Foam vs. Foam Strips Window Insulation: Which is Better?

If you’re considering replacing your home’s windows, you want to ensure it’s done right the first time. Whether looking to hire a professional...

8 min read


5 Benefits of Exterior Painting (Why You Should Paint Your Home)

Is your paint on the exterior of your home starting to chip or crack? Does the color seem faded? Or, are you just wanting to change up the look of...

6 min read