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Elevate Bi-Fold

The Elevate® Bi-Fold Door is engineered for smooth operation, allowing it to slide and stack open with ease. This design feature lets you fully embrace your surrounding landscape while optimizing the flow of fresh air into your living space. When the door is fully closed, its slim profiles are purposefully designed to flood your home with natural light, enhancing both the ambiance and aesthetic appeal.

  • Energy Efficient
    Energy Efficient
  • Minimal Maintenance
    Minimal Maintenance
  • Modern
Elevate Bi-Fold

Features of the Elevate Bi-Fold Door

  • Wood interior and Ultrex® fiberglass exterior
  • Fits openings up to 22' wide by 8' high
  • Choose from 28 configurations
  • Fiberglass sill stands up to foot traffic and weather
Elevate Bi-Fold
Design Options

Exterior Finishes

Elevate windows and doors feature rich pine interiors and a durable, strong, and fully paintable Ultrex® fiberglass exterior, featuring our AAMA-verified acrylic finish for low maintenance and superior aesthetics. 


*Finish samples are approximate, and colors on the screen can vary. Visit our showroom to see actual color samples.

Interior Finishes

Meet your design vision with natural or painted wood. With Marvin factory-applied interior finishes, you can order beautifully finished windows and doors ready to install the day they arrive to save valuable time on the job site.

Wood Options

The Elevate collection features rich wood interiors in bare pine that can be stained to match your interiors.


*Wood is a product of nature and will vary in color, texture, and grain. Wood options shown are to demonstrate the approximate look of each species only, and stain samples are shown on Pine. Photos are not intended to reflect a product's interior or exterior profile.


Painted Wood

Painting on the job site or scheduling off-site finishing is an extra step that takes time and coordination. Instead, choose our primed white or white painted interior finish option on any Marvin pine windows and doors with a wood exterior or an additional designer black paint option for products with an aluminum-clad exterior. Your windows and doors will arrive factory-painted and ready to install.

You can count on consistency with our process, as every piece of wood receives a coat of prime and is sanded before being painted. Then, the paint is baked twice in an oven before your window or door is built to create a consistent, durable, high-quality painted finish that performs to industry standard.

*Finish samples are approximate, and colors on the screen can vary. Visit our showroom to see actual color samples.





Marvin hardware is far more than functional – it’s engineered to be both durable and elegant. From traditional to contemporary, our hardware comes in a variety of architectural styles and finishes to meet your aesthetic needs and design goals. It’s designed for effortless operation even at large sizes and is built to last, with optional PVD finishes for door hardware to resist fading and discoloration in even the harshest environments.


* Choose from various hardware finishes to complement your Elevate collection windows and doors.

The Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) process adds a layer of toughness to hardware exposed to environmental factors like direct sun and humidity. PVD finishes resist fading and discoloration, even in coastal areas. PVD has the highest-grade corrosion-resistant finish.



*Hardware finish samples are approximate. Please visit our showroom to see hardware finish samples. 


Decorative Glass

A variety of decorative glass options are available to meet the unique needs of each project, and laminated glazing is also available in clear, bronze, gray, or green with tinted interlayers.


*Not all decorative glass is compatible with all products. Check with your dealer to recommend which glass is right for your project. Images may not be an accurate representation.

Color tint images represent color tint examples only. Please inquire about obscure glass treatments separately.

Energy Efficiency

Glass is an important aspect for managing the energy efficiency of your home. Our standard glazing is dual pane: two panes of glass with Low E coatings and argon insulating gas. We offer variations to help meet climate and code requirements across the country, described in more detail on our glass page.

Specialty Glass Options

Our specialty glass options include glass for unique project needs like sound management (STC/OITC), high altitudes, Sea Turtle Conservation Codes and California fire zones. We also offer laminated glass in products designed specifically for hurricane zones.

Sill Options

These picturesque door sills are crafted with both utility and aesthetics in mind, offering a range of choices that align with your way of life. The high-performance sill is constructed from fiber-reinforced polyurethane that excels in thermal efficiency, ensuring top-notch performance metrics. You have the flexibility to select from either Beige or Bronze hues to best match your home's decor.

*Due to the variety of possible combinations of casings and sub-sills, special dimensional considerations for installation methods are required. Contact your local Marvin retailer when specifying casing and sub-sill combinations.


When fresh air flow is a priority, multiple screen options are available to keep insects and debris at bay. Choose a standard full or half screen with an aluminum surround in multiple finishes. An optional wood screen that can be painted or stained to match is available on select all-wood windows.

* For cohesive curb appeal, all exterior screens are available in colors to match Ultrex® fiberglass window and door exteriors.

Product Specs

  • Brand


  • Series

    Marvin Elevate

  • Interior Colors

  • Exterior Colors

  • Composition

  • Construction Type

  • Max Panel Height

  • Max Panel Width

  • Profile Thickness

  • Stile Width

  • Track Details

  • Drainage Track

  • Performance Range

  • Hallmark Certification


  • NFRC Certification


  • WDMA Member


  • Warranty

  • Broken Glass Coverage


  • IG Seal Failure Coverage

Marvin Elevate Videos

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Windows Types

See what’s offered in the Marvin Signature Ultimate Collection.

Elevate Double Hung
Elevate Double Hung

Starting at $3285

Elevate Casement
Elevate Casement

Starting at $3511

Elevate Glider
Elevate Glider

Starting at $3282

Elevate Specialty Shape
Elevate Specialty Shape

Starting at $2786

Elevate Awning
Elevate Awning

Starting at $2690

Elevate Bay
Elevate Bay

Starting at $

Elevate Picture
Elevate Picture

Starting at $2872

Elevate Round Top
Elevate Round Top

Starting at $4865