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Top 5 Questions ANSWERED To Prepare For Your Garage Floor Coating

December 1st, 2022 | 5 min. read

Top 5 Questions ANSWERED To Prepare For Your Garage Floor Coating

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The wait is finally over. It’s time to transform your garage floor with an industrial concrete coating. 

While most of your feelings are most likely excitement and eagerness, a part of you has some nerves when it comes to moving your belongings and what to do to prepare before your garage floor coating project starts. 

We completely understand. Whether you’re having your garage flooring installed in a new build with minimal items or your garage space has turned into a storage area, figuring out what to do with your things can be stressful.

But it shouldn’t have to be. 

This article will answer some of the most common questions when preparing for your garage floor coating, like what you need to move, where to put your stuff, and more. 

Then, you’ll be prepared for your garage floor coating and have any anxieties removed. 


5 Things To Know To Prepare For Your Garage Floor Coating Project

Where should you put all your stuff? How long do you have to wait before moving your belongings back? Do you have to do anything else? 

These are just a few questions I’m sure are circling your mind before your garage floor coating project. 

Let’s answer some of the most common questions we at Southwest Exteriors get when  preparing for your garage floor coating. 


#1. What needs to be moved from my garage before the concrete coating project starts? 

Before your garage floor coating project, you must completely clear your concrete flooring. All items on the floor must be removed from the garage for the coating to be evenly applied across the entire surface. 

Heavy objects, including water heaters and refrigerators, must also be removed. However, depending on your preferences and the company you work with, you may be able to leave water heaters and refrigerators and have the coating applied around them. 

If you need help moving heavier objects, some concrete coating companies may offer to move your heavier things on the installation day. 


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#2. Do I need to remove wall items or shelving units in my garage? 

Because of the grinding and coating process in a garage floor coating, we recommend removing any valuables from your walls or surrounding the garage area, like plants or lawn decor. 

A quality concrete coating contractor, like Southwest Exteriors, will cover your shelving, walls, windows, doors, and valuables with tarping to prevent excess dust or debris from the preparation and coating process. 

But, if you have any wall decor or valuable equipment you want to keep safe, we advise you to remove them from the area before your project begins. 


#3. Where should I put my belongings from my garage? 

One of the biggest questions you are probably wondering is, “Where should I put all my stuff from my garage?”

Depending on the layout of your home, there are numerous options for storing your garage items. 

Smaller valuables and decoratives can be stored inside if you wish. If you have an outdoor storage shed or a secondary garage, these are great spaces to temporarily move and store your garage items. 

If you do not have any storage inside or closed available, you can store your garage items along the side of your home, preferably behind a gate or out of side from street view. 

A graphic with a list of where to store garage items to prepare for a garage floor coating

Wherever you plan to store your garage items, it’s important to remember safety and security. You want to ensure your garage items will be secured for the time being until your concrete coating is complete. 


#4. What if my belongings get damaged during the concrete coating process? 

Having your home taken care of is most important for any remodeling project. So, a question you may be wondering when it comes to your garage floor coating is what happens if any of your belongings become damaged.

If anything becomes damaged during your garage floor coating, you would hope the contractor will cover or fix any damages. However, you must read all contracts and agreements to be fully clear on the grounds for any damage. 

How will it be handled? Is any damage expected? Is the company not held responsible, or are you?

With a standard garage floor coating, none of your belongings should be damaged. A contractor should take proper precautions to ensure none of your personal property will be damaged. 

During your garage floor coating project, you should expect minimal dust left behind throughout the process. While your items should be covered to protect from this, some dust may get left behind. Don’t fear! You can simply wipe away any dust with a dusting cloth. 


#5. When can I move my stuff back into my garage? 

When you can move your belongings back into your garage depends on the cure time of the concrete coating type you chose. 

Polyurea coatings, like the ones Southwest Exteriors offers from Penntek, take 24 hours to fully cure. Epoxy coatings typically take 3-5 days to fully cure. 

You will want to wait until your garage floor coating is fully cured before moving any items back into your garage. Otherwise, you risk shifting the coating and disrupting its curing. This could make your concrete coating not look right once it’s cured and cause you to spend more time, money, and effort fixing it. 


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Are you ready for your garage floor coating installation? 

Now that you know the answers to the top five common questions asked before a garage floor coating, you are well-prepared for your concrete coating to be installed. 

The biggest things to remember when preparing for your garage floor coating are: 

  • All items must be moved from your garage prior to your installation, including heavy objects (depending on the contractor)
  • You’ll want to remove any hanging valuables from your garage walls
  • Find the right place to store your items to ensure they are safe and secure
  • Wait until your garage floor coating is fully cured before moving any items back into your garage

With Southwest Exteriors, we promise to take care of your home above all else. Providing you with a high-quality garage floor coating is crucial to us, and the cleanliness of your home is part of that. 

Once your polyurea and polyaspartic concrete coating is fully cured, you’ll have a sparkling garage floor coating that is warranted for 15 years, along with our Southwest Exteriors lifetime warranty. 

While now you know what must be prepared before having your garage floor coated with a concrete coating, you still may be on the fence about whether it is worth investing in or not. 

This article will compare the cost and value of a garage floor coating so you can understand what makes a concrete coating valuable, how long it lasts, and what makes a high-quality concrete coating worth it. 

Then, you will not only be prepared for your garage floor coating installation, but you will understand what makes a high-quality floor coating a valuable investment to your home. 

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