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Transform your garage with an industrial-strength San Antonio concrete coating

Residential and commercial Penntek industrial concrete coatings for any area

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Protect your concrete surface with an industrial concrete coating

A San Antonio concrete coating will not only spruce up your garage floor, sidewalk, or outdoor patio, but can provide added safety to the surface, provide curb appeal, and make your concrete last longer.

San Antonio concrete coating guaranteed to last in your home

When investing in a concrete coating for your garage floor, pool deck, or outdoor patio, you want something high-quality that will last. This is why we offer Penntek polyurea and polyaspartic coatings paired with a vinyl chip blend with an endless amount of color combinations. Durability, longevity, and design should never be compromised. 

San Antonio concrete coating with a contractor you can trust

The last thing you want is to invest your time and money in a contractor that won’t meet your expectations for your project. With Southwest Exteriors, we know the difference it makes when you pay attention to the details. 

When you work with us, you work with a contractor that knows how to handle your concrete with care before, during, and after your coating.

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Get started on your San Antonio concrete coating project in three easy steps

Having your concrete surface coated should never be overcomplicated. Get the look you love coming home to in these three simple steps.

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“Southwest Exteriors is a company that offers an excellent product and stands by their word. I had a Penntek garage floor installed and am very satisfied with the product. Mostly though, I have been impressed with their insistence on complete customer satisfaction and zest for quality improvement. Well done! They really care…”

What you need to know about San Antonio concrete coating

Before investing in a high-quality San Antonio concrete coating, there are a few basic facts you want to know. Cost, quality, and warranty of your new concrete coating are just a few things you want to know. 

How much will a concrete coating cost?

What is the concrete coating made of?

What’s my warranty on my concrete coating?

How long does the coating process take?

If I have cracks in my concrete, can you coat over them?